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My book about Corvette Special Editions is now available!

Twenty months ago I started writing my first book about Corvette Special Editions and today the book is officially on sale! It's a remarkable feeling of accomplishment and I'm really looking forward to the next phase of this journey, where we will sell the book,

I was approached by CarTech-Verlag over the Thanksgiving weekend in November 2016, to see if I was interested in writing about Corvette Special Editions, and I'm pretty jumped for the chance! After all, I already wrote for every day and while I always kept a book in mind, the fact that I was approached on such a big topic made an easy decision. For information, Cartech also offers a Special Editions book Mustangs and the Camaro. What a great collection that will do!

As I was preparing to write the book, I made a list of official 43 "official" Corvette Special Editions ranging from the 1978 Silver Anniversary model to the 2018 Carbon 65! Although they were not official special editions, I considered it important to look at some of the historical models and RPOs that Corvette collectors and enthusiasts today consider "special." The last section of the book features some of the most popular special editions of Motion Performance, Greenwood, Callaway, and others.

My book about Corvette Special Editions is now available!

One of the goals was to present the cars as a group instead of chronologically, so I organized the Special Editions in six categories: Anniversary Editions, Indy 500 Pace Cars, Commemorative and Tribute Tournaments, Special Editions, Historical Corvettes and Third Party Special Editions.

While I was covering all the general information about each car, my goal was to find a story or bundle of information that is not so well known about each special issue. We also turned to the Corvette owners for photos of their special editions and I would like to thank everyone who helped!

Corvette Special Editions carries an RRP of $ 44.95 from the publisher and I offer signed copies for that price, Many of you do not care if it's signed or not (do not worry, I'm not offended!), And if that's the case, you can buy it too also.

My first delivery of books is on its way from the publisher and I will fulfill the orders as soon as possible. Corvette Special Editions is a 10 × 10 inch coffee table book and the cover with the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport Collector Edition featuring the # 005 1963 Corvette Grand Sport is a definitive conversation starter!

Thanks again for your support and I hope you enjoy it Corvette special editions!


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