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Stanislav Yarushin MorozovaSV

Stanislav in his childhood, youth Stanislav was born on January 14, 1981, his hometown is Chelyabinsk. He studied at school number 46, and also attended a sports school, where he played hockey. Stas was also keen on amateur performances, participated in drama club performances. The boy's father was the head of the KVN team at school. After school, Yarushin received an education at the university, deciding to become an engineer. As a student, he became a member of the KVN team "Separation Line". Stas noted as a bright personality and called in the team "Countrymen". Then they teamed up with students from Magnitogorsk and took the name "district town." In 1999, the team moved from the Premier League to the Major League and quickly became popular. In 2002 they became champions. Then the team collapsed, Yarushin organized the team “Faces of the Ural Nationality” (“LUNA”), but they did not become champions. In 2006, they managed to win second place. Career on Television In 2008, Yarushin was offered the position of the host at the CTC. A year later, he began to lead the show "Everything is our way." Then Stas was a participant in the TV programs “Big City”, “Yesterday-live”, “Comedy Club”. Later, Yarushin was invited to star in the famous TV series “Univer”, where he became a new star. Stas was not only an actor, he also wrote the script. Then the actor starred in the continuation of the m / s "Univer. New hostel ", in the project" SashaTanya ". Yarushin was also given a role in the television series “General Sobolev.” Stas also tries himself in other spheres. He plays in the CSK basketball team, voiced the cartoon “Monsters University”. Stanislav was also invited to the show “Ice Age”. Together with Margarita Drobyazko, they took second place. In 2016, the “Prozharka” program was launched on Channel One, Stanislav became its host. But the audience responded negatively about it, and the program was closed. In the same period, Yarushin’s studio album “About It” appeared, some of the songs were shot by video clips. In 2016, the new season of "Univer". In 2017, Stanislav became a member of the “Conductor” program with Andrey Bednyakov, telling about his native Chelyabinsk. Personal lifeStanislav did not have a lack of fans and was an enviable bridegroom. His first wife was Polina Biserova, daughter of the mayor of Kopeisk. However, a year later the couple broke up, it was rumored that the marriage was concluded by calculation. Now Stalin does not communicate with Polina. On the set of “Univer”, the actor met a girl Alena, where she happened to be thanks to a friend. Later they entered into an official marriage. In 2012, Alyona gave birth to a girl, Stefania, and in 2014, a boy, Yaroslav. His wife, Alyona, teaches at a dance school and takes care of her family. In his free time, Stanislav enjoys hockey.

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