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BMW is paving the way for the electric future, but they are doing it on their own terms

Mainly, BMW has always been a leader in the development of vehicle powertrains. The Munich car manufacturer has been one of the top dogs in the game for 40 years. In terms of electrification and cutting-edge technology, however, the Bavarian carmaker has not impressed as much in recent years as it used to. Currently, this seems to be true in the auto industry electrical is the way forward. BMW takes this way, however, a little more cautious.

Reasons for the electrification range from simply saving the planet to reducing autonomous driving accidents and advanced sensor array applications. Some even quote how electric vehicles will ultimately cost less to be built and maintained. However, according to BMW chief developer Klaus Fröhlich this is not the case. For Frochlich, electrifying, the expectations are too high compared to what real numbers show. Even though everyone is counting on electric vehicles, Frochlich believes that BMW combustion engines are powered by internal combustion engines for many years.

"A very optimistic scenario is that 30 percent of BMW's will be pure electric or plug-in hybrids and 70 percent will be burned, assuming half out of those 30 percent are plug-in hybrids, then in 2030 I have 85 percent in my portfolio with an internal combustion engine, "he said for GoAuto in Paris.

To make things even more convincing, he believes that even that is an optimistic scenario, and yet the number of electric cars is by and large too few. However, it seems that BMW is ready for the electric future and that Frolich is only cautious.

"I think the discussion about electromobility is a bit irrational, but we are prepared, we already bought cobalt and lithium in 2025-35, we already have the second life for consumers or for grid stabilization, we have built these battery farms are ready to deliver.But the world – Russia, Australia, a large part of the world – they will have internal combustion engines for a very long time, "he added.

While some of BMW's direct competitors like Lexus EV are completely ignoring their future, Mercedes Benz. Audi, and Volkswagen – In addition to the ever-advancing Tesla – they are anxious to set their future on purely electric vehicles. However, BMW plays the hand rather cautious. Of course, statements made by superiors in the company may sound catastrophic, but the Germans do not let anything out of hand. For BMW, the popularity and acceptance rate for electric vehicles depends solely on their range, and in some cases, the replacement of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) units will not be possible at all, at least not until 2030. While some may claim this is a safe approach An old carmaker, who will clearly go down in the history books, there is a little more to it.

BMW is currently pursuing a very concrete approach to electrification. They closely monitor their target base and proceed accordingly. In addition, the company is trying to create a platform that can accommodate all types of propulsion systems so that they remain intact when they make the wrong bet. While this secure approach will not help us get an electric 3 Series in the near future, in the future we will be developing new hybrid and all-electric models. But maybe not at the pace we expect.

Source: BMW Blog

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