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Usually, planting garlic happens in two ways:

  1. Garlic is planted in late autumn to get a harvest in spring. This method is called winter.
  2. Growing garlic in the spring – spring.

Both methods are great for any terrain, and therefore, each gardener tries to use each of them for cultivation.

When planting in the winter, the main thing – to choose the right garlic. The head should contain 5-12 teeth, which will be covered with a pink-violet film. Cloves are arranged in a row around a thick rod. In winter, such garlic is not stored and has a very pungent taste.

In order to please the harvest in the spring, many gardeners use the Lunar Calendar for planting. The influence of the moon and its phases on plant growth has long been known. In the northern regions, the landing of garlic must begin already in September. In 2018, the most favorable days were: 1, 5-6, 18-19, 27-19 of the month. Avoid 8-10 and 25 number.

In October The lunar calendar offers dates such as: 11-16. 25-26, 29-30. These days the moon is waning and therefore the growth will be very good. It is worth remembering that the new moon harms growth and on such days as October 8-10 and 24, should refrain from planting garlic in the ground.

It is necessary to plant in the most fertile soil, bypassing those places where onions and potatoes grew. In a garden bed not more than a meter wide and 25 cm high, it is necessary to make holes at a distance of approximately 10 cm from each other. In ready holes (3-15 cm) simply put garlic cloves, without pressing, as this prevents rooting. Then shed and cover up.

If you follow all the recommendations, in the spring you can get a great garlic for food.

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