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Crisito Domenico: biography, career, personal life ALSHEFF

Biography The future defender was born on December 30, 1986, in the tiny settlement of Chercola, which occupies only about three square kilometers in the Italian province of Naples. Domenico has two sisters and a brother. Krishito often skipped school to devote time to his favorite football. He literally slept with the ball in bed, and as a result, the father took the 15-year-old son to the first in the athlete's football club "Virtus Wall". Career In a year when Domenico turned 16, scouts of the Genoa football club noticed a talented defender. Next hit the youth team Turin "Juventus". As part of the Juventus youth team, there was a victory in the Italian Youth Championship, and the defender hit the application for the match of the main team of Juventus several times, but did not take part in the matches. In 2006, Krishito returned to Genoa. In the “Genoa” Domenico made his debut in the championship of Italy. Oddly enough, the young defender immediately became the main player of the team. For half the season in the "griffins" defender spent 36 games. In early 2007, Criscito signed a full-fledged contract with Juventus, but on this journey Domenico from Genoa to Juventus did not end. Krishito was unable to gain a foothold in the Turin team, and again on loan to the Grifon camp in 2008 year In 2010, after several extensions of Crisito’s lease, Genoa still bought the defender’s contract from Juventus. He played in the gryphon camp until the summer of 2011, but unfortunately, no titles for the entire period of his stay in the Italian teams won over Domenico. And in the summer of 2011, the defender was transferred to Zenit St. Petersburg, the transfer amount was from 11 to 15 million euros. In Zenit, the Italian footballer managed to finally gain a foothold in the team and win their first titles. In the St. Petersburg club, Domenico became the champion of Russia twice and won the Russian Cup. The Crishito showed himself on the field and in the locker room as the team’s real leader, and in 2015 took over as the captain. As part of the Petrograd, Domenico spent 155 games and scored 15 goals, which is a very good result for the defender. In the summer of 2018, Domenico Criscito returned to Genoa again, where he plays at the moment. Italy national team The national football team played 24 matches. As part of the national team, the defender played at the World Championship in South Africa, however, like the entire national team, held a vague tournament. Recall that the Italian national team flew out of the tournament already at the stage of the group stage. Personal life Domenico has a wife, Pamela, and two sons. Pamela is a classic Italian wife, an emotional beauty, affectionately calling the brutal husband “Mimmo”. After the St. Petersburg epic, Domenico, in which she accompanied him, loves Russian pancakes. It is worth saying that the defender had unpleasant stories in his football career. Criscito was a suspect in the match-fixing case, the player himself denies this. Because of this incident, Domenico did not get into the national team's bid for the 2012 European Championship.

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