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The Nigerian oil mogul and founder of the Aiteo Group, Benedict Peters, was awarded Africa's Oil and Gas Guide of the Year at the Forbes Best of Africa Gala, held on 27 September 2018 at Forbes Headquarters in New York City.

According to the publisher, Emerging Markets for Forbes, Paul H. Trustfull, "Peter's rise in Africa oil and gas sector was exemplary and revolutionary." His company Aiteo has been successful for about two decades – from a downstream start-up to a leading integrated Energy conglomerate with strategic investments in exploration and production of hydrocarbons (or raw materials). "

"Peter has reinvented himself in times of great personal challenges, reviving his identity and reputation in the fight against injustice, proving that inspirational leadership is possible in a difficult industry," Trustful added.

Aiteo is currently the highest producing oil production and production company in Nigeria. Apart from oil, the Aiteo Group has investments in mining, agriculture, infrastructure development, power generation and distribution with a fast-growing retail distribution network.

The group expanded rapidly, expanding its operations to various countries in Africa and beyond, with its emerging international presence in DR Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and offices in Geneva and Paris.

Acknowledgment of Excellence: Mike Perlis, CEO and Deputy Chairman of Forbes Media (R), congratulated Francis Peters, Aiteo Group Deputy General Manager, shortly after Benedict Peters, Aiteo Group's Executive Vice Chairman, named the African Oil & Gas Leader Best of Africa "event by Forbes International at Forbes Headquarters in New York.

Benedict Peters, who presented the coveted award to all Aiteo employees worldwide, said, "The recognition of Forbes as the oil and gas leader of 2018 is inspiring, which means a lot to me and the entire Aiteo Group and I am pleased that the international community our commitment to Africa's energy self-sufficiency and our commitment to become a reference point for indigenous oil and gas capabilities.

"We are convinced that Africa has what it takes to lead the world, and we will push the boundaries of development through investment in people and technology, and the success of our subsidiary Oil and Gas Upstream proves that the future we have Introducing us in Africa, which is largely in the hands of Africans. "

Peters is excited about strengthening youth and has generously donated to support football on the African continent. The company Aiteo of Benedict Peters sponsors the Nigerian Football Federation, the CAF Awards, the Aiteo Cup (the most important tournament of the Federation in Nigeria) and a football team in the host community of his company.

He has also helped thousands of internally displaced people in northern Nigeria while supporting initiatives to improve drinking water supply in Africa, working with Face Africa to improve the lives of over 25,000 people in rural Liberia.

Peters addresses social and environmental issues in agriculture through the Joseph Agro Foundation, established in July 2014 to combat chronic unemployment and water scarcity.

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