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2. Potash fertilizersWith superphosphate make and potassium tuki (together these two species are better assimilated by crops). In addition, these mineral substances help to overwinter the seedlings of cultivated plants. It enhances their protective properties against external weather conditions and pests.

β€’ Potassium sulphate – suitable for almost all types of soil and plants. And also has in its composition magnesium, which is needed for top dressing of many garden crops. The rate of application is 15-20 grams per m2.

β€’ Kalimag
It is especially important for sandy and sandy loamy soils. The rate of application depends on the culture under which the top dressing is applied
β€’ tomatoes – 30 grams
β€’ Onions, garlic – 15 grams.

β€’ Potassium chloride
This fertilizer is brought in the fall under crops that do not tolerate chlorine. Until the spring it will fade, washed by melt water. Calcium, on the contrary, will be well preserved in the soil. The rate of application is 20 grams per m2.

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