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Autumn smoothly replaces the summer period with bright and saturated colors for warmer shades. This year, the actual beige and powdery tone. In the trend is also nail art with juicy shades of plum, wine, chocolate, coffee, silver.

Particularly relevant will be the design of the manicure in 2018 with gold. It is carried out with the help of foil, cofetti, rubbing, strips. Do not forget about the mirror manicure, made in a metallic luster. It is fashionable to combine it with powder and other types of nail art.

If you want to look more natural, then soft beige tones come to the aid: from lightest to dark chocolate.

If the monogram on the nails is not very like, do not get upset. In 2018 the masters solved this issue in a new way and offered updated versions of the design. Trend monograms represent different patterns and curls that intersect each other and create beautiful prints.

Rhinestones perfectly complement the image of nails with any shades. When doing a manicure with rhinestones, you can use different techniques of nail art. Small pebbles can be decorated as one nail, and several, combining with strips or rubbing.


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