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The subscription service is called Audi Select and offers customers access to a variety of Audi vehicles for a flat fee of $ 1,395 per month. Automobile news Reports. You can change vehicles up to twice a month and have access to the A4, A5 Convertible, S5 Coupé and Q5 or Q7 Crossover. You can also keep each vehicle for up to six months. Vehicle selection is subject to availability at the five participating dealers.

While prices seem steep for something that only provides access to a number of mid-tier Audi products, the subscription to the customer will also give Audi Charge Rent by car maker Silvercar Car Hire 24 days a day for free. This can be useful if you travel frequently as Silvercar operates in almost all major US markets including New York, LA and Miami.

Audi Select follows in the footsteps of rivals Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Porsche and others, who have also started their respective subscription services in pilot form. Audi Select is at the low end in terms of cost – it's cheaper than BMW ($ 2,000 / month), Cadillac ($ 1,500 / month), Porsche ($ 2,000 – $ 3,000 / month) and BMW ($ 2,000 – $ 3,700) / Month). However, it's more than the entry-level model of the Mercedes Collection, which starts at $ 1,095 / month and reaches up to $ 2,995 for access to AMG vehicles.


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