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Post Malone

With the evil spirit on the video !!!

Damn airplane & car make sense

9/16/2018 1:00 AM PDT


Post Malone should you know – if you danced with the devil you will be cursed and this super scary video explains why his life feels "final destination" lately.

Months before Post's private jet nearly crashed, his Rolls-Royce was summed up and armed crooks targeted him … the rap hung on "Ghost Adventures" Star Zak Bagans and something known as that the most frequented object in the world, What could go wrong, right?

Zak tells us that the close encounter took place in June in his Haunted Museum. The object is called Dybbuk-Box. Dybbuk is Yiddish for "evil spirit" and the box inspires the horror movie "The Possession". Sooo … totally cool.


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