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University of Benin, UNIBEN special doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) conversion approval form for 2018/2019 academic session is for sale. The University of Benin is calling for applications from suitable candidates for inclusion in the Special PharmD Conversion Program.

About UNIBEN PharmD Conversion Program

The main goal of this program is to develop pharmacist faculty as well as hospital and community pharmacy preceptors who currently do not have PharmD degrees to apply patient-centered approach in the education of pharmacy students.

UNIBEN Doctor of Pharmacy Conversion

This special program is time bound and will cooperate with the active cooperation of Pharmacist Council of Nigeria (PCN) and Nigerian Association of Pharmacists and Pharmacists in America, Inc (NAPPSA).

This will be the last time that candidates join the program, as subsequent applications for PharmD Conversion will apply to the regular two-year conversion program.

UNIBEN special doctor of the Pharmacy Conversion Program structure and course duration

This program requires the successful completion of three modules:

(1) two online modules consisting of didactic courses, in-course assessment, self-evaluation and group discussions plus on-site tutorials and research project plus

(2) a practice module for pharmacy practice (clinical internships, internship and simulation exercises) when students are trained by a team of US PharmD professionals in approved hospitals, community health centers and pharmacies. Students are expected to be on campus for one week at the beginning of the program and for the written and oral exams in the three modules.


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