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So many candidates have asked if I can buy two posts Forms, so that I can safely receive admission in 2019? It is not possible for you to buy two registration forms.

Now you may be wondering, what if I have the money to buy the two post molds? Well, it's not about the money. It is about the measures to ensure a smooth investigation throughout the country.

Registering the registry is not just about buying the form. The process involves Jamb Scan your finger, The bad news for you and good news for Jamb is that you only have one fingerprint. It is only possible to perform a double registration if you have 2 fingerprint sets.

If you're thinking of buying multiple post shapes this year, it's time for you to change your way of thinking. Do not even think about buying two post molds. Be aware that you play with additional years. Also, be aware that God is watching you (lol).

Jamb candidates caught last year in the purchase of two post shapes were not allowed to take an exam for three years. If you love yourself, read very well and buy a form.


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