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Beet, like many other vegetables, is a very useful product. It contains a lot of folic acid, magnesium, vitamins PP and B, iodine and so on. For this reason, beets are used for cooking throughout the year. And that it is better kept in the winter, it is necessary to remove the harvest of this vegetable crop in time and correctly. To determine the optimal harvesting times, you need to know a few basic rules.

1. This vegetable culture should be cleaned before the onset of frost. At the slightest freezing it will be worse stored and will quickly start to rot.

2. It is necessary to wait for the moment when the root crops fully ripen. Beets can not be cleaned before the due time. The most abundant growth in her is observed in early autumn. Also at this time, beets accumulate the bulk of vitamins and beneficial microelements.


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