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The best deals of the dayThe best deals from the internet, updated daily.

We are seeing a lot of offers on the internet Kinja offersbut these were our ten favorites today.

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# 1: Network equipment

Whether you're upgrading to 802.11ac, trying to expand your wireless network or just controlling your lights with an Amazon Echo, Today's Amazon Gold Box is packed with TP-Link networking devices,

The most exciting deal here is likely a pair of TP-Link mini smart plugs for $ 35an all-time low. Our readers have already bought a lot of them and can control a power outlet via a smartphone app or through Amazon Echo commands.

Also available for $ 30 this is Plug-in Range Extenderthat give your home network just enough lift to eliminate all dead spots.

Do not you have enough ethernet ports? There are offers for that,

Do you need to bring your Wi-Fi outdoors and beam it over a large meadow? There is a special access point sold only for this purpose,

$ 40TP Link EAP110 Outdoor V3 N300 Long Range 11n 2.4G Wireless Outdoor Access Point, flexible installation, free EAP controller softwareBy amazon1 bought by readersGizmodo Media Group can get a commissionBuy now

And of course, There are routers, Many and many routers. Here are some of the best:

This only scratches the surface over to Amazon to see the rest of the offers.

# 2: Eddie Bauer

The fall weather is in Eddie Bauer's wheelhouse, and you can charge for the cooler weather with the company's massive autumn sale, Hundreds of items are reduced by up to 60%, including pants, jackets and of course many, many flannels,

My advice? Take a look at the discounted Stormdown gear, It is the basis of one of the favorite jackets of our readersbut it is also available in Western form in case.

# 3: iPad + gift card

iPad 128 GB | $ 429 | Walmart | Includes $ 25 gift card if you add both to the cart
Photo: Amazon

Except for you Really I need the iPad Pro (and you almost definitely not), that Standard, Vanilla 2018 iPad is a great tablet for consumption and media creation, It even works with the Apple Pencil, the first non-pro iPad to do this.

We have not seen many offers for the new model since its release, however Walmart is currently hiring a $ 25 gift card when purchasing a 128GB model (that's the one you should buy anyway). Just scroll down the page until you see this option:

h / t Alan Danzis

# 4: Headphone hook

Elevation Lab's Anchor Headphone Stand is so easy but so awesomethat it should really be built into any existing desk. Nominally it's a catch to store your headphones so they will not take up any desk space, but you could also use it for hats, jackets, umbrellas, or really anything else that hangs.

The anchor Discounts are often not shown, but for a limited time you can save over 20% with promo code Tidycans,

# 5: kettlebells

Take some CAP cast iron kettlebells and perform quick and efficient workouts from home. 10lb bells are only $ 8, but you can use them as hard as £ 80 if you want to be the biggest responsible.

# 6: travel router

If you travel with a regularity, the HooToo TripMate Titan Maybe it's just your new best friend, because there are actually three devices in one.

  • Travel router: Turn any found Ethernet jack into a Wi-Fi hotspot, which may still be useful in certain hotels and conventions.
  • 10,400mAh USB battery: Keep your phone and tablet away from any electrical outlets for a long day.
  • File Hub: Transfer files and stream content wirelessly from a hard drive or flash drive to all your devices. Imagine charging a cheap USB flash drive with movies for a long trip instead of buying an expensive iPad with more local storage, for example.

Today on Amazon you can reduce the price of the TripMate by $ 15 with the promotion code ABCD2222. This deal could not take long, so act fast.

# 7: Lipstick Mystery Pack

I'll be honest, I know almost nothing about lipstick (um … lip color), but I know enough to understand that Five Maybelline New York sticks for $ 10 (with promo code KINJALIP) with free shipping is an incredible deal. It's a mystery pack, so you can not figure out what colors you'll get, but that's part of the fun.

# 8: KitchenAID mixer

KitchenAid blenders are an essential part of any kitchen. If your kitchen is still missing, catch up this KitchenAid 5-Quart Artisan blender for today $ 210 from Walmart. This is one of the best deals we have seen in a refurbishment and a great addition to your kitchen as Thanksgiving Dinner is approaching.

# 9: PUMA sale

PUMA is back with another friend & family sale, this time 40% off all full price items and an additional 25% off item with promo code BEST FRIEND, Of course, shoes are a must, but here you will also find workout and casual wear for all seasons.

# 10: Thread cutter

If you use the coupon code JUMPINTOFALL, you can get my wife's favorite herb cutter, a Refurbished WORX Cordless Trimmer / Edger / Mini-Mower, plus two batteries, for only $ 60.

Confession period: Since the introduction of lithium-ion powered lawn equipment, my wife has worked at least 80% in our house. I trust her opinion about lawn and garden tools more than my own.

She prefers battery-powered trimmers because of her compressive force, light weight, low noise level, low exhaust volume, and lack of petrol or oil.

She's been using it since last spring this exact model For everything from precision work near flowerbeds to clearing of moderate grass and weed areas that are too tight for our lawnmower. She did not even bother with her old trimmer, claiming that our 60V trimmer is "too powerful and heavy to be useful." Two 20V 4.0ah batteries bring them through about an hour of active trimming in our yard, and we have & # 39; There has been no deterioration in the duration of the last four months.

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