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The international barman contest Beluga Signature started three years ago and during this time expanded its territory to 8 countries. Such a wide coverage is due to the focus on the contribution to the development of the industry and the enhancement of the prestige of the bartending profession at the world level. This year participants from Russia, Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and the USA had to go through several stages: "Beluga Signature School of Bartenders", within the framework of which a series of master classes from legendary experts of the bar industry, as well as creative and individual tasks related to the development of unique recipes based on Beluga vodka.

The task of the final stage of the contest remained secret until the day of the match. In the course of the draw, the finalists were invited to draw a note with a fragrance that would be an inspiration for creating an author's cocktail based on Beluga vodka and his legend.

The jury of the finals of the contest Beluga Signature 2018 included well-known representatives of the barmen industry under the chairmanship of Philip Duff, as well as an expert in the field of flavors. The strongest bartenders of eight countries showed a high level of both professional skills and presentation skills. Alessandro Venturi was the best bartender by the version of Beluga Signature 2018 – the barretter of the Roman Hotel La Griffe (by Sofitel) and received the highest rating of the panel of judges on all criteria – presentation, storytelling, creative reading of the creative task. Alessandro was inspired by the aromas of vanilla extract, chocolate and caramel, picking up the perfect ingredients and creating a unique cocktail with a unique taste based on Beluga Noble vodka called Itineris Beluga .

The second place was taken by Natalie Van Wyk from Dietrich's bar, Germany, and the third by the French bartender Guillermo Pittaluga from La Havane.

The jury of the global finale Beluga Signature 2018:

Philip Duff – chairman of the jury panel, world-famous bar industry professional, consultant and expert, director of educational programs Tales of the cocktail (USA) and barman school Beluga Signature.

Marie Wright – Vice President and Chief Flavorer of ADM Nutrition. Marie is deeply convinced that the creation of flavors and flavors is an art, not a science. She successfully passes her experience and develops the flavorship profession within the framework of ADM's Academy of Future Flavorists.

Marcus Voglrieder – the main ideologist and creator of the beverage card chain of restaurants Nobu U.S., a world-famous bartender, the creator of the barmen competition system inside the Nobu network, a recognized expert in the sake of a sake drink.

Oscar Quagliarini– Bartender of the Parisian bar L'Herbarium, conducts its own seminars around the world about the inspiration of aromas in the process of making cocktails, develops professional cooperation with such famous perfume houses as Dior, Hermes and Guerlain.

"Beluga Signature is no longer just a competition, this year the program reached a whole new level. The contest is now only one of the components of an extensive program. It is nice to realize that the training seminars held in the spring have become really useful – the knowledge gained from them has been applied by all participants at all subsequent stages. Their influence can be clearly seen in the long-term home harvesting of the previous stage, and in a quick "brainstorming" with the goal of conquering the final. I can proudly say that being the chairman of the jury of a competition of this level is a great honor for me, "-Philipp Duff estimated the level of the program in 2018.

"All the cocktails today were performed at the highest level. I admire the creativity, with this creative spontaneous, because the participants did not have the opportunity to prepare in advance for the task. Impressed absolutely everything – the level at which the works were presented, attention to detail and, especially, the approach to the main ingredient – vodka Beluga ", – Marcus Voglrieder emphasized the level of training of participants.

"The victory in the Beluga Signature was a big surprise for me. Of course, I tried hard, but also worried no less – when you have such strong rivals, you get an additional incentive to fight. This program has already given me new impressions, emotions from communicating with colleagues in the workshop, from exchanging ideas and gaining knowledge from specialists with world names. And now a whole new world opens before me, because I became the ambassador of Beluga Signature ยป, – shared his emotions from a well-deserved victory Alessandro Venturi.

The winner of the Beluga Signature 2018 became the global ambassador of the program for the entire 2019 year. He will pass a one-week internship in one of the top 50 bars of the world of his choice and present the brand at the most prestigious international industrial events.



Beluga is the number one vodka in the super- and ultra-premium segments in Russia. The unrivaled taste and quality of the Beluga has transformed it into a synonym for luxury and success all over the world. The production of Beluga is located at the legendary Mariinsky distillery, which dates back to 1900. Located in the heart of Siberia, at a distance of 300 km from the nearest city, the production is located in one of the most secluded and ecologically clean places in Russia. Advanced equipment combined with carefully stored production traditions make it possible to create a truly exclusive product, the embodiment of skill and nobility. Natural ingredients, pure artesian water and the period of "rest", ranging from 30 to 90 days, depending on the formula, can achieve a unique velvety taste. Vodka Beluga is recommended to be consumed in its pure form in combination with caviar.

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