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Less than eight years after the launch of the total radar coverage of Nigeria (TRACON), which cost 66.5 million euros in Abuja, the plant has suffered a spare parts deficit.

According to the Nigerian Agency for Airspace Management (NAMA), the lack of spare parts for replacing some faulty components had hampered the smooth operation of the equipment.

Today at the Stakeholders Interactive Forum of the Agency in Lagos, Engr. Farouk Umar, director of security electronics and engineering services, accused the manufacturer of the device, Thales of France, of defaulting on its agreement with the federal government.

He explained that the replacement of spare parts was part of the contractual agreement that the government entered into with the manufacturer, but complained that NAMA could not find replacement suppliers in the past four years, four years after installation of the plant.

Umar, however, called on the federal government to intervene in the situation that all the efforts of the NAMA management would not have led to a fruitful outcome.

The TRACON project began in the time of Kema Chikwe as Minister of Aviation in 2003, but was completed in 2010 after a series of shifts.


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