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Oh, it was a little quiet here, wasn’t it? Sometimes life has a habit of just running away with you, and it’s been like this for some time. I will try to start a small monthly update called “Pages of My Lifestyle Diaries” to summarize all the little things that have happened in a month (or longer, depending on!).

Ok, maybe a long time. But you still understand me. I will still write down and write down all of my recent adventures, some of my favorite meals in London, but I thought I would give you a whirlwind tour of everything …


The summer officially started a long time ago (did anyone else get on their nerves in London?), But just before it did, a very good friend and I fled London on a drizzle weekend to get an overdue R&R close The fish;; We had booked a nice little one Hilly hut for the weekend and delighted with the hours we spent in our hot tub, Bridget Jones having a couple of soap bubbles in the evening, long delicious dinners in Hook and a long walk to the beautiful little town of Chipping Campden.

I am in order to I look forward to writing everything about our great weekend – and that’s it all A long post, so I didn’t want to publish it until I had captured all the magic of this country hotel. I’m actually looking forward to returning to spend the night in their brand new hideaway huts – yes, the addiction to shepherd’s huts continues, it’s not just limited to Wriggly Tins …

Completely rejuvenated – and fairly cropped after spending as much time in the hot tub as possible – we returned to London for a couple of busy months.

In late June, Andy and I booked the last last-minute trip I had ever booked and hopped across the canal to enjoy a hot summer sun in the Bordeaux region. Think long, lazy afternoons by the pool, wine tastings galore, stay at the castle (with the added bonus of a very cute puppy!) And explore the old town of Bordeaux. I’m not sure I’m a last minute booking converter, but it was definitely such a fun, relaxed trip that I would go back in the coming years. There are so many places in France that I want to visit (oh hello Provence!) And it was nice to be able to tick off somewhere.

I also started a new small side project (because I don’t seem to be able to sit still too long ..!) Weekends in London;; An account that may soon be more (!) Dedicated to all the amazing places you can visit outside of London and beyond to maximize your annual vacation and weekends! I love looking back on all the fantastic getaways and weekends and compiling my list of places I can’t wait to explore! Visit me on Instagram and share your adventures with #weekendsfromlondon to tell me where to find the best places for a weekend!


In May I was lucky enough to visit the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the first time The Dorchester;; I know it’s super late, but I’m still going to put together a post about our morning there and why you should try visiting next year if you’ve never been before!

I haven’t felt as inspired by the London restaurant scene as before, but I still came across some absolute gems of new restaurants and new menus. Some favorites have been Bar Douroas well as the Umai Sushi Saturday menu at Don’t sake hana (which I actually tried with Angie last year, but never all came to write!) I am really excited about the Mary Poppins afternoon tea in the Aqua Shard, the newly opened Hide Restaurant and the Ukiyo brunch in the Aqua Kyoto – I try everyone to find dates to book them as soon as possible! There is also a very pretty opening called Clapham pi, which looks ideal for a simple date night.

We came over last weekend Cocktails in the city to enjoy some sun and cocktails and try out new bars that we haven’t visited yet! It will come as no surprise to regular readers and friends that we loved it Cahoots and Mr. Fogg’s pop-ups, but finally nightjar cocktails – I will definitely try to visit the bar now! I had such a fun girls night The polo bar at the The Westbury thanks to the beautiful Binny;; I loved meeting new blogger friends and greeting those I have met over and over again. I haven’t had a real girls night in so long and it was the perfect way to enjoy the cocktails inspired by the Chelsea flower show with lots of laughter – and delicious appetizers from a Michelin star, Alyn Williams.

We recently visited the new one in other cocktail news The Fogg Botanical House in Fitzrovia, it’s just beautiful. I liked all the cocktails we tried, as well as the decor and fun atmosphere – it is a great asset to the environment and I can’t wait to visit them again soon!


The reason that everything is a little quiet? As you may or may not know, I have trained as a lawyer in the past two years and got into a qualification – that is, I applied as a qualified lawyer and I am so excited to start as a qualified lawyer in September! It’s been 7 years since I started law school, did my LPC, and then did my apprenticeship contract – so, yay – finally!

I also remembered that I love feeling fit and in shape, so my Virgin Active membership has been used more and more lately. I try new classes like Barre and classes I’ve been doing for years like spiders – I’m more than a little rusty and both, but I really enjoy feeling fitter and healthier. Oh, and I have rekindled my love too Sweaty Betty and her beautiful kit!

What i read

Outside the internet, I was a little slow at the party in the Alexander McCall Smith series The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, but I really enjoyed the first pair of the series I read on vacation. I’m on my way through The Essex Serpent, which I’ve enjoyed so far – a nice mix of love story and story that’s pretty much my sweet spot.

To put it more personally, a wonderful woman with whom I was interned in America once wrote her first novel! On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I went to the pub and ripped through Corinne Sullivan’s debut novel Indecent – If you’re looking for a beach reading or something light this summer, be sure to add it to your list!

In the blog world I loved:

What i bought

  • My love for Liz Earle continues – her Cleanse & Polish has been a miracle worker on her skin, but I’ve loved her lately incredible masks, because they always sort my skin no matter what it needs
  • I picked it up in January when we were in New York Coach Rogue handbag on sale and it was a perfect day bag for summer. I love the color and the fact that there are so many ways you can use the handles (cross body, over the shoulder or just in your hand) – and I might be keeping an eye on a slightly different size and color that I do dislikes are also on sale …
  • Sweaty Betty Leggings – actually, Betty sweat it all … Although my main love right now is her shaggy leggings that make me feel great in the gym – they wash so well and are so comfortable that I always want to go to the gym just so I can wear them ! Although I also have this in mind pretty little shorts


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