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We are seeing a lot of offers on the internet Kinja offersbut these were our ten favorites today.

Go over to our main post office for more offers and follow us Twitter and Facebook do not miss a chance to save. You can also join us Kinja Deals Community Facebook Group to connect with your deal hunters.

# 1: Qi Chargers

The vast majority of Qi chargers on the market will only charge iPhones at 5W, even if they can deliver 10W for Android devices. A few use a very specific frequency that charges iPhones with a maximum of 7.5 W, and three of them are now on sale for the best prices ever,

This standard cushion would be the cheapest 7.5W charger that we have seen so far at $ 27, but our exclusive promo code KINJA066 bring that down to $ 23.

This 10.000mAh battery has a Qi pad installed, which is actually a really great idea, $ 46 would be an all-time low, but the clip-on $ 6 coupon on the page makes it even cheaper.

Last but not least, Technology-Qi-Enabled/dp/B079C1QLCR?ref_=Oct_DLandingS_PC_NA_NA&kinja_price=32&tag=kinjadeals-20&ascsubtag=7122fd0fb367ad9be1f37b5ebb5944f0bfb068ec&rawdata=[t|link[p|1827557303[a|B079C1QLCR[au|5876237249237193038[b|theinventory”>There is also a 7.5W Qi booth for $ 32 on offerthat's an all-time low, though it does not contain any other discounts we know.

# 2: Weighted blanket

20 pounds weighted blanket | $ 95 | Amazon promotion code H6FXDDZM
15 pounds weighted blanket | $ 79 | Amazon promotion code 85YNQOD9
12 pound weighted blanket | $ 59 | Amazon promotion code KQOD5QGL

We were hoping to see some great Prime Day packages and we will not be disappointed. Three different blankets are available at reasonable prices, and offers are now available. Be sure to note the promo codes below.

In addition to warm, weighty ceilings can work wonders for your fear, Imagine the heavy bib that you put on the chest of the dentist when taking x-rays. Feels good, right? Now imagine a softer version over your entire body.

# 3: 8GB Geforce GTX 1080 card

The big crypto-driven GPU shortage is progressing rapidly, but Amazon has an 8GB Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 card in stock for a (relatively) reasonable $ 490 right now. This is the best price Amazon has ever seen on this card, and it was sold just over a month ago for $ 600, so grab yours before the Bitcoin people do.

# 4: Bluetooth speaker

The UE Wonderboom an adorable little speaker is that Punches about its weight in both sound quality and features, Packing in IPX7 water resistance, 360-degree sound and even multi-room audio with other UE speakers. It offers good value for money at its $ 100 MSRP, but at an all time low $ 50 (only for Prime members), it's a breeze. You can even choose from a number of different colors.

# 5: eneloop

At some point in the distant future, AAA batteries will be mercifully banned from the history books, but by then you should probably buy a few batteries. Eneloops are by far the favorites of our readers, and $ 17 is the best price Amazon has ever offered on a 12-pack, Note that this deal is only available today and only for Prime members.

# 6: Projectors

Everyone knows that watching movies or big outdoor sporting events is at least four times more fun than watching the same indoor content, and now you can work great on both Anker mobile projectors.

The soda can-size Nebula Capsule is not HD, but it runs for up to four hours for a fee, including smart apps, AirPlay, wireless casting, and an HDMI port for plugging into any streaming box you want. At 100 lumens, you have to be in a pretty dark room to use it, but the picture looks surprisingly good, and you can not beat the combination of size, built-in speaker and battery life. Get it for $ 266 with promo code 7CAPSULE.

If mobile projecting is more than just an occasional hobby, it's worth investing in the internet Fog Mars instead. It's three times as bright as the capsule and projects a 720p HD image, though it's obviously not that small. Save $ 140 (!) With promo code MARS2EDM,

# 7: Nordstrom rack sale

Nordstrom Rack has just received a lot of new styles from Nordstromand up to 60% off until Sunday. It's not quite a Clear The Rack sale, but with over 5,000 styles availableIt is not too far away. As always, use the sidebar to sort the tide by clothing type, and you can also browse the available brands from a drop-down menu.

To give you a sense of how good the deals are, all three products in the picture above cost $ 15 or less, and more than 1,500 of the styles on sale are under $ 25, so go ahead and rebuild your wardrobe.

# 8: Nectar mattress

If you have not yet bought a mattress on the Internet, today is a great day to fix it, like Amazon's discount popular Nectar mattresses at all-time low prices only for Prime members.

Unlike most mattress-in-a-box offerings, this package includes two free pillows and a 180-day trial compared to the industry standard 100. But like the Caspers and Leesas of the world, it's still made up of several layers of foam and arrives at your door in a surprisingly small box.

Prices start at $ 319 for a twin and stretch up to $ 619 for a kingAll these are all-time low prices. The deal is only available today, so do not sleep on it.

# 9: my pillow

My pillow makes Favorite pillow of our readersand Woot & # 39; s today offers a deal to help your wallet stay calm.

For $ 55 (Queen) or $ 57 (King) you get two My pillows either medium, solid or either. That's not much more than you would normally expect on from these pillows. Plus, offers on these pillows are quite rare, especially for the classic, non-gusseted shape, so if you need some new pillows, grab them now.

# 10: free gogle home mini

If you need to buy something on eBay this week, Make sure you add a Google Home Mini to your cart with $ 119 or more in other goods, and you get it for free with promo code PMINI4FREE. Almost everything you can buy on eBay is eligible for the spending limit of $ 119, except for gift cards, warranties, protection plans, currencies and real estate.

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