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A Lagos businesswoman, Ifeoma Oklee, has claimed that N4,935,000 was illegally withdrawn from her bank account at a commercial bank in Lagos.

The 38-year-old complained that despite the fact that she did not use an Automated Teller Machine card, most withdrawals were made through the ATM and she was not alerted during the transactions, reports Punch Metro.
In December 2017, Okley discovered the fraud after she received a text message from the bank about her total amount.
She said that because the amount in the SMS did not match her expected balance, she visited the bank branch in Ifako-Agege to file a complaint.
Okolie said that although she had visited the bank many times, she had not yet returned her money.
She said:
"I was shocked when I received the text message and when I saw what was left in my account, I felt like killing myself, because that was all my savings, and I barely pull out of the account because I'm there save for future use, so I never requested an ATM card for the account.
"I was accompanied by my friend Ada when I opened the account and since I opened it, I just retired four times through the counter, the total amount I withdrew was N267,000.
"When the news arrived, I complained to my branch in Ifako-Agege.
"I was told that I picked up an ATM card and that the money was withdrawn with an ATM card, and they even showed me a woman who claimed that she had withdrawn money from my bank card.
"I'm 38 years old, I'm not a baby, I do not know the woman who showed me the bank from somewhere, and I'm ready to defend my claims everywhere."
PUNCH Metro learned that Okolie's attorney, Mayowa Akinyemi, called the bank for lack of money.
In the petition of 20 December 2017, Akinyemi said
"Since opening her account with Keystone Bank in September 2015, she has never applied for an ATM card and has not been issued a debit card.
"Our customer told us that the only time she pulled her money off her account was on August 15, 2016, from the Iju office, which was N100,000
"Our client has informed us that she was shocked a few days ago when a fraudster has been withdrawing from her account with a bank debit card since 2015 and fraudulently deducted more than N4m from our customer's account.
"Our client has informed us that they have never received a debit warning on their phone regarding any withdrawals made by their account from this unknown fraudster."
Akinyemi urged the bank to get to the root of the fraud and bring the perpetrators to justice.
Our correspondent learned that the bank responded to the petition, claiming that Okolie subscribed to and withdrew an ATM card.
The bank said it was not responsible for the alleged fraudulent payouts.
In a letter of 13 March 2018, the head of the investigation and customer complaint, Nduka Iromenu,
"Our investigation revealed that Okolie Ifeoma Perpetual opened a savings account number 6019339780 on August 5, 2015 at our Ifako-Agege, Iju Road office.
"Your customer also signed up for debit and mobile banking when the account opened on 5 August 2015. Contrary to what you said in your referenced letter, that your customer has never requested an ATM card, our records show that they have a Master has signed the card and PIN in our IJU store on August 10, 2015.
In addition, the first ATM transaction was executed on the account on August 13, 2015, and thereafter all other withdrawals from the account, with the exception of a cash withdrawal of N100,000 on August 25, 2015, were ATM transactions.
"We also confirmed that the transaction notification service set up on your customer's account was intended for both debit and credit notifications, and these notifications were sent to their registered phone number 081057 **

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