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ABB's Fast Chargers at Electrify America

One of Electrify America's suppliers is ABB, which offers its Terra HP chargers. In the case of Electrify America, two types seem to be used:

The 150 kW charging power, in theory, should allow driving 125 miles (200 km) after only a 15-minute recharge (if the car assumes such a level of power and energy of is 40 kWh). The 350 kW more or less double the charging power.

At the moment there are not many models that would accept more than 100 kW (especially longer than a few minutes), but soon it will at least be in the high end segment of the BEV market (150 kW Audi e-tron, 100 kW Jaguar I-PACE Porsche Tesla and more)

Electrify America plans to install 2,000 DC chargers at 484 locations by the end of 2019. We believe that a good deal of them are the ABB units will be.

ABB supplies high-current chargers for the first Electrify America installations

ABB quick-chargers at Electrify America [19659008] 2018-05-30 – Terra HP 350kW chargers from ABB are the first public utility of their kind in the US

ABB's Terra HP Chargers Installed at Electrify America's First Three Locations Landmark infrastructure project, with much more chargin This ABB Terra HP Charging System, unveiled in 1965 in Chicopee, Massachusetts, as well as in Fincastle and Reston, Virginia, is now available for the drivers of all available in the US electric vehicle models ready for use. [1759009] 19659009] While not many electric vehicles can load up to 350kW, these locations are future-proof and serve today's battery electric vehicles as well as those that can benefit from improvements in battery technology in the future. This allows for fast load times even for EVs with the longest range.

"A few years ago, the idea of ​​putting 350 kW of direct power into the hands of a consumer was considered outrageous," says Frank Muehlon, Head of Global Business at ABB Electric Vehicle Shop. "Now we've created a new standard for high-performance cargoes with next generation vehicles."

Growing battery sizes have increased the demand for faster charging. "Several years ago, when the DC fast charging system was introduced, the idea that an electric vehicle could be charged in less than 30 minutes with a 50 kW DC quick charger was a significant step forward." Explains Muehlon. "But new electric vehicles have batteries that are three or four times the size of their original electric vehicles, so fast, convenient and flexible charging is essential for owning electric vehicles, and to achieve this, it's important to dramatically increase the power output has worked closely with many vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to bring this technology where it is needed. "

ABB Rapid Chargers at Electrify America

The need for a rugged, more powerful charging network will increase as demand increases after fast-loading capability with the development of vehicles that carry larger batteries for longer distances keeps pace. Electrify America is now filling that need, creating a nationwide network of high-capacity charging systems that connect the West Coast with the East Coast, and places in the Plains, Great Lakes, and Southern States that have not benefited from aggressively filling a large number of Corridor-connected charging points [19659009"ABBisworkinghardwithElectrifyAmericatoinstallstationslikeChicopeeandFincastleintheUnitedStates"Muehlonadded"WeareveryproudthatwehaveachievedmanypremieresinthecharginginfrastructureforelectricvehiclesandinthepastdecadewehavethefirstDCquickchargerinEuropethefirstCCSprotocolchargersinmanycountriesthefirstnationwidenetworkinEuropeEstoniaandlastyearthefirst150kWchargerinstalledintheUSWiththehistoricinvestmentofElectrifyAmericaintheUScharginginfrastructurewecannowcelebrateanotherpremierewiththelaunchofapublic350kWhigh-powerchargeintheUS"[19659009] Creating innovative, state-of-the-art, and reliable solutions that are scalable to expand with customers' needs and be flexible is at the heart of ABB's philosophy. Terra HP's ultra high-current design is ideal for use at highway service stations and gas stations, and can charge electric vehicles up to 1,000 V at full power.

As part of its $ 2 billion investment in the next decade of electric vehicle infrastructure and education, Electrify America plans to place chargers on its highway routes at intervals not exceeding 120 miles (195 kilometers), which means That drivers in the US can trust that they can achieve their goals with ease. 19659019]

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