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Before starting to make a Fokine plane, you need to understand what it is and what its principles are. The main point in the work of this device is the planar cutting of the soil at a depth of 5 to 15 cm. Thus weed roots are cut, and the crop plants remain intact. In this case, the cropped roots die and fertilize the soil.
Another important effect is the loosening of the soil, which increases its hydroscopy. Therefore, if you use a planar regularly for several years, the soil structure will improve significantly, and the yield will grow many times.

Another positive point is ease of use. The physical load when working with a Fokine hand cultivator is minimal, it is below the work with a garden hoe or shovel 2-3 times. This is an excellent way for people who have health problems, for example, joints, spine, cardiovascular system, etc.

The thickness of the mulch layer does not affect the results of the work of the Fokine plane. This hand tool is notable for its versatility. With its help, it is possible to perform up to twenty different operations.

Among the most popular are the horizontal loosening of the soil to 5-10 cm with the help of planar trimming (used on un seeded beds and row spacing). Often, the device is also used to form beds, which is made by alternately raking the ground and cut weeds from both between (it is better to adhere to the optimal width of the bed in 1 m).

The alignment of the bed is made by deepening the blade by 1-2 cm, which must be smoothly or abruptly row along the beds and on yourself. In the process of clumping, the ground is crushed. If you move smoothly along the northern boundary, the southern slope of the bed gradually forms.

A flat cutter is also useful for cutting grooves for seeds and subsequent powdering, weeding. Here the technique of flattening loosening up to sowing and 3-4 times after sowing with interruptions a week is useful. If you use the tool as a garden hoe, you can quickly and efficiently sow the crop.

The garden planer will help to loosen the strawberries and chop off the mustache, cut the raspberry and weeds, extract the weeds growing very close to the horticultural crops (without even needing tilt), chop large parts of the manure and evenly distribute the fertilizer in the beds, loosen the trunks of fruit trees and perform many other operations.

Such a useful device that greatly facilitates t beats in the garden, you can buy, but it costs more than conventional tools. In order to save money, you can make it yourself with your own hands at home, using improvised tools.

To make a Fokine plane cut, you need to choose a suitable metal strip. Its length should be about 40 cm. Draw the drawing by marking the fold points on it – they will be 4. Transfer the points to the strip and mark them there.

Take the prepared metal strip into the vice, then bend it on the previously marked marks in 4 step. The first bend of the plane forms the letter D. The second tilts the vertical strip. The third bends it to the side. The fourth bend forms the final shape.

Now we have a semi-finished product, from which we can make a tool-cornrezere. To do this, drill 2 holes in the area, which will be attached to the wooden handle. The end of the working area of ​​the plane cut must be cut at an angle of 45 degrees. It should be a sharp end, which will easily loosen the aisles and remove the weeds.

The most important point is the sharpening of the tools. The simplicity and efficiency of the tool depends on how correctly the grinding is performed. A plane cutter is a double-edged object, therefore it is necessary to sharpen it from two sides. Do not forget about the cut at the end of the working area. The next time the Fokine plane plane is to be sharpened manually, it will only take several years.

It is important to take into account the dimensions of the tool. The vertically placed tool is 20 cm below the shoulder. Proceeding from this, calculate the length of the cut of the plane cutter and attach it with screws and bolts. The device is ready.

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