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Apple introduced some new features in its WWDC 2018 keynote presentation earlier this month. In iOS 12 (with the you can now beta test ) users can train Siri, prevent websites from tracking them and limit the time in apps. The worst part? These new features will not be officially released until the fall.

However, some interesting apps and workarounds can replicate some of the most interesting features of iOS 12. That's how it's going on:

Get your screen time under control

What many of us have long been aware of, Apple is finally clear: Smartphones are too addictive . iOS 12 will include app usage metrics and Do Not Disturb updates to make sure you do not waste too much of your day in certain apps.

If you can not wait for Apple's reassuring upgrades I want to try apps like Headspace and Moment which encourage you to use your phone less. The similarly named In Moment can track the amount of time you spend in social media apps and let you restrict yourself if you find it difficult to escape. Fun apps like Forest or Hold can also help you end your smartphone addiction by making the whole (torturing) process a fun little game.

Multiple People Video Chat [19659012] The new FaceTime now allows groups, so you and up to 31 friends can chat with the video on your phone at the same time. Many other apps offer a similar group chat feature: Take, for example, Skype, which we described as the best video chat app .

Some services you may already use also allow you to jump into group chats and add fun visuals, including Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat . Others, such as HouseParty are specifically designed for video calls in groups – or in the case of the app Airtime a gigantic group review of the same video. You may not be able to chat with a group of 32 people at the same time, but let's be honest: who is talking to these many friends at once (at the same time, not less)?

Alerts deliver quietly

Image: Apple

The iOS 12 lock screen allows you to change an app's notification settings when a warning is sent to your device , But you can already give app notifications "quietly" – just not on the lock screen. Open the Settings app, navigate to the Notifications section, and select an app. From here, you can turn off Sounds, Show Locked Screen, and Show As Banner to get the same silence as if you had tapped the iOS 12 "Get Ready" button. And it's almost self-evident, but just highlight the "Allow notifications" button to disable iOS 12 "Disable" lock screen button.

Keep Websites From Tracking

The Latest Version Of Safari On iOS (and Mac), Like-Buttons and other social media code can keep track of your movements on the Internet. Mojave iOS 12 and Mac OS will be released in the fall, but if you want to use the anti-tracking features now, you should use extensions such as Ghostery or a browser such as DuckDuckGo to get as much of your privacy as you can. AdBlock Plus is also a great way to block annoying website tracking, as well as a number of other enhancements we've already covered . Even popular browsers like Firefox come with some built-in tracking protection, but you should be able to add as many other extensions as you need.

Automating the Best Pieces of Your Day [19659032] Image: Apple

Siri Shortcuts is arguably the coolest feature of iOS and allows you to use specific phrases to launch entire workflows. For example, if you give Siri your chosen phrase, you can have your phone perform various tasks in any order. In Apple's WWDC demo, showed how a Custom Request can make Siri text your roommate, set your smart thermostat, start your favorite podcast, and open maps to give you directions to give thumbnail “/>

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If you can Do not wait for the fall to use this feature, services such as IFTTT let actions chain fairly easily to various triggers. With iOS apps like Launch Center Pro and Workflow you can also trigger multiple tasks with just one key. In fact, Apple has already acquired workflow in 2017, Surprise Surprise, so this is definitely the first app you'll want to try if you want to get Siri Shortcuts today – or most likely you can do that with automation come close until the feature appears in iOS 12.

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