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Every lady must be mentally, physically and emotionally ready before she marries. Yes! Marriage needs a lot to make it work.

For many women, marriage is something they have been looking forward to since childhood. While undoubtedly an exciting and meaningful experience in life, it is far from the only life changing and all important event. For this reason, it is best not to rush your trip to the altar.

This is true even if you have been with your partner for several years or even decades.

Below are some lists that can help you prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically for a successful and long-lasting marriage.

. 1 Create a life that you love without a partner

When you show up, you are already on Earth. You are not dependent on him, and you are more likely to find someone who loves you and your passions.

. 2 Make a list of five values ​​that your partner cares about

For example, say that finding a partner who follows a sustainable lifestyle is absolutely crucial to you. (19659003) Disclaimer: If you feel your priorities are shifting and what you thought was a deal-breaker value, not really a deal-breaker value, then change it all Cases your list.

It is not set in stone. But if the guy you're walking down the corridor with does not fulfill one of the criteria on your list – and you still feel that it matters – then maybe it's time to reevaluate your relationship before You make a big mistake

3. Learn to be alone without being lonely

Need help? Try to make an appointment once a week for dinner or just one night a week. You will find that in these moments you are doing exactly what you really want to do. It is crucial to know how to "chill" because it means that you do not have to validate yourself from the outside to feel whole – and you do not impose your partner's unfair expectations on the conversation.

I also probably encourage your partner to pursue his hobbies, creating a healthy, interdependent relationship. It's better to rely on each other completely right away than letting a person do the heavy lifting, which is likely to cause tension all along the line.

. 4 Create time and space in your life for a relationship

You know that the whole idea of ​​"If you build it, will it come?" The same goes for your love life: When you make room in your life for a relationship, you are much more likely to get locked into it. And if you have a S.O. but do not invest enough time or effort in your partnership, chances are you will not last long.

. 5 Agree on how you and your partner will handle your finances

You may have had your own finances under control for a while, but if you know the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, find out how You Can Share It (19659003) Discuss Financial Biggies (read: any debt you need to manage, what you pay for comfortably for rent or a mortgage, what the shortcut should be to discuss a stimulus purchase, as you would like to try Save each month, etc., so you know immediately what you are dealing with.

6. Stop sharing every detail of your relationship with others

If you met or started dating 'Perhaps you have already told each of your friends and maybe even your family every tiny detail about you, but now that you are serious, the integrity of the relationship is important to preserve and protect.

"If you go insane, no Facebook rumors or cryptic quotes about a fight you might have and not call all your friends for a consensus on whether you're right or wrong," says Nelson. "Your marriage is sacred and what happens in your relationship must remain in your relationship."

Instead, she suggests leaning on a trusted best friend to let off steam or find a therapist that you can trust and learn skills to become a better partner and get through conflicts.

. 7 Learn to cook

No, noodles do not count as food.

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