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Buhari is unhappy with the 2018 budget passed by the NASS Presidential Source.
There was evidence last night that President Muhammadu Buhari was unhappy that the 2018 budget was finally passed by the National Assembly and transmitted to it]

Despite these fears, the President will tomorrow sign the tax document to fulfill a legal obligation and avoid the charge to return the bill to the NASS, as the budget he legislated on November 7, 2017.
 Buhari dissatisfied with 2018 adopted budget by NASS presidential candidate
A top source that is well informed in the matter, Vanguard said confidently that the president by the huge amount of money that legislators in budgeted and distracted from others unintended by the federal government.
The source said, aside from the budget of the first 8.6 trillion trillion proposed by Buhari, to N9.12 trillion, the NASS introduced new projects as usual, with federal budget and funding nothing
The source said that while the Presidency wanted the budget increase to be used to finance the deficit, the NASS insisted that it be used for "projects decided by them".
The source said "One recognizable pattern in the document to be signed by the President is the unjustified introduction of local government and state projects into the state budget by legislators, which means that the level of upholstery will be higher this year
"When the budget breakdown is unveiled, it will be clear to Nigerians that" the purchase of tricycles, sewing machines, and submerged borehole programs in the by-products and remnants has received more attention given as important national projects and programs of NASS.
"But the President will not return the budget to the NASS to prevent this Another delay and complication of the economy given that the year is almost over , "
The Minister of Housing and National Planning, Senator Udoma Udo Udoma, is expected to divide the state budget on Thursday after Thursday
It is recalled that the "padding" of 2016 and 2 017 budgets resulted in a longer delay in the signing of documents by the president and led to serious Conflicts among the members of the NASS, which resulted in the House member Mumuni Jibrin being suspended for 180 days, later suspended by a judge who ordered Jibrin's salary and entitlements for the period of his sentence illegal suspension, as the NASS has no right to suspend a member beyond 14 days. [19659014] The Post Buhari unhappy with the 2018 budget passed by the NASS Presidency Source first appeared on Wakanda Nation .

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