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The SPIP Special Presidency has recaptured $ 7 million ($ 7 million) or $ 2.1 billion (illegally in the Heritage Bank).

Chairman Mr. Okoi Obono-Obla announced this when he informed President Muhammadu Buhari about the panel's activities.

The panel has also reclaimed 533 million and a land worth 1.5 billion from the "Previous Management" of NEXIM Bank
The recovered funds and property have since been returned to the bank.

The panel has also recovered and returned to the National Theater, 24 million, which was diverted by some directors of the agency.

Also recovered, were 2 hectares of land in Abuja worth over N2 billion, which belong to the National Council of Arts and Culture.

The panel continued and recovered, returning part of the Agura Hotel to the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA). , The recovered part of the hotel had been illegally annexed by some so-called powerful persons with untouchable connections for over 20 years.

Other recoveries by the SPIP, according to Obono – Obla, are allegedly 19 official sport utility vehicles Federal Ministry of Energy, Labor and Housing for failure to show his assets. The assets include houses in upscale areas of Abuja, a quarry and a farm within the federal capital territory, for which a court issued an injunction.

The SPIP is also investigating some members of the National Assembly and former governors for a number of alleged offenses. These include the illegal acquisition of designated service apartments for the most important officers of the National Assembly, who are excluded from the monetization policy at ridiculous prices.

Others are buying multiple properties worth hundreds of millions of dollars in various currencies and blatant malpractice, which causes financial distress to the nation

Mr. Obono-Obla said the SPIP had partnered with the UK Home Secretary to ensure that some public officials who plundered public money and illegally acquired assets in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom were prevented from entering Country to enter.

The SPIP Chair also informed the President that the panel had turned its spotlight on several companies for a variety of alleged violations. Some of the companies, he said, have been for tax evasion since 2005
Western oil and gas for illegally drilling oil in Delta, and seven others for alleged non-payment of royalties to the federal government in about 10 years.

He said some multinational oil companies based in Egi Kingdom, Rivers, have also investigated whether they are reportedly colliding with unscrupulous individuals to evade their community commitments of $ 38 billion and $ 30 million

another Company that does not fulfill its contractual dredging agreement is also being investigated by the Calabar Channel, years after it received $ 12 million.

The panel has also compiled a list of over 200 former and serving public officers who have illegally enriched themselves at the expense of the nation and the Nigerian people, including "Obono -Obla said in the meeting."

Pres. Buhari , reassured the panel of its continued support and noninterference in line with its government's anti-corruption struggle.

Obono-Obla said it would continue its mandate and complement the federal government's fight against corruption

He called for continued Nigerian support for the panel with useful information that would lead to the recovery of plundered public assets.

The Nigeria News Agency (NAN) recalls that the panel was inaugurated by the then government Acting President Acting President Yemi Osinbajo in August 2017. (NAN )

Africa's Anti-Corruption Champion, Pres. Muhammadu, fighting corruption from all sides. Nigeria will be better off.
God bless Nigeria.
Lauretta Onochie


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