Once it happened that a child was born in one family. Boy. He grew to himself and grew like grass near a road. Parents did not bother with his upbringing and did not give proper attention to his education. Street grafted to him their values. Neighbors were sometimes fed.

In the end, the school ended. The boy finished it with a certificate. From the information, everyone could find out that the boy "listened to the course of the secondary school. Read and write is trained. I've been accustomed to a pot. " And now with such a certificate of maturity the young man left the walls of his native school and took a step into the big world. In the big world it turned out that in order to eat, it is necessary to work. Otherwise, they will not feed you for free. Attempts to get a job were not successful. He was not taken anywhere, despite the fact that he was accustomed to a pot. And then it dawned upon him that all the same it would be necessary to learn. Something and somehow, as the classic said.
At that time in a huge and strong country there was not enough plumbers and the young man decided to fill this gap. The boy really liked the beautiful name. "The plumber. The technician of a san. San technician "- repeated the young man to himself in every way. And with each repetition of the name played new colors, and the young man more and more wanted to become a plumber. And he, on the basis of the certificate issued by the school, was admitted to the St. Petersburg Technical School, which knowledgeable people called SPTU.

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