Angry Hey ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to tell you some of the main reasons why rich men marry rich women.

This thread does not talk about any classless guys who, by accident or luck or whatever The reason stumbled over big money, not really wealth per se, because wealth goes hand in hand with years of accumulation of wealth.

So before you continue reading, note that Yahoo guys and their preferences are not rich to my own standards!

Really rich people do not marry and will never marry a poor or broken woman, and you know why

1. Their daily activities run in opposite directions:

So Much like the majority of women's desire, desire and daydream to marry a rich man, many will not achieve this, not because they are not pretty and sexy, but because their daily activities do not match the daily activities of wealthy people, making it impossible to make or to say that it is difficult for rich people to see them often.

For example, Paddy Adenuga, whom we all know, is rich. He wakes up, prepares, and goes straight to his office to start the day's business, where he is likely to meet other top company directors, directors, Top marketing executives, brand ambassadors, etc., and maybe during lunch, go to his usual lunch at Lagos Atlantic or another top-notch restaurant to have lunch, and probably return to his office from there to meet other top chefs. To meet managers and business gurus in his field.

While he makes a ll this … Folake, a very pretty girl who daydreams to marry a wealthy man like Paddy Adenuga, is at home with her phone, extending from Instagram to Facebook, Snapchat, Badoo and Twitter Log in and her best photos and filtered photos are hoping to catch a rich guy who will marry her.

Folake refuses to engage in a career or business that will increase her chances of hitting potential successful guys.

Advice for Folake:
Start a business and devote yourself to it, or get a job if you can not get one, learn a profession, something like fashion design, etc., maybe from there She makes a dress from Paddy Adenuga's sister or niece Likes and from there she makes you her regular designer and can introduce you to her family members and you'll probably meet Paddy Adenuga or other of his rich brothers and cousins ​​who are probably in your Beauty Haven Fall in Love to See You is a dedicated, hardworking, pretty fashion ion designer and not just an ordinary, fine girl whom she encounters every day and possibly hacking and cleaning  undecided

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