Edo's former governor, Adams Oshiomole, said he arrested and persecuted former President Olusegun Obasanjo if he was President Muhammadu Buhari.

This comes when the former governor of Edo received more support from the party's national leader, Bola Tinubu, as well as governors elected on the party's platform before the national congress.

Oshiomhole, who overruled the goal between President Buhari and Obasanjo, urged Buhari to investigate and jail The former president should, when found, plunge his hands into the treasury.

At the event in honor of the late Chief MKO Abiola's family, chaired by Femi Falana, Oshiomhole also praised Chief Frank Kokori for facing the dictatorship when it came down to it

"He should be arrested if he had one He has arrested many of us, so if we celebrate Chief Gani Fawehinmi we have compelling reasons for doing so, in all these cases we did not pay Gani or Falana any money, they defended us honorarily.

"Gani is not here today, but his spirit is here. Falana is here and today I stand. Even the president in charge at the time now complains that they want to harass him. He molested me and he arrested me.

"He thought he himself would not be arrested If I were the President, I would arrest him We are all Nigerians I remember one day when I told him I said," President Obasanjo, we you have made the president. You did not make me a Nigerian.

"You are our creation, I am not your creation, you must listen." But he thought he would be in power forever and he was trying to take us on our way to Zimbabwe, he was reluctant Head of State, became president for two terms and wanted to make a third term because a cockroach that licks palm oil would never leak enough. "

Oshiomhole added that Obasanjo behaved as if I was an alternate president; and he led the NLC like a parallel government that wanted to overthrow its government.

The former governor further stated, "The late Abiola would smile not only for the honor given him by the President, but also for Frank Kokori at a very young age, as he developed the support of the oil workers for the progressive mission of civil society

He said, "It is not your position but the role you play that will determine your place in history. This man was never an NLC president, but he is the only trade unionist invited to invest.

"So we only consulted with each other, few of us who benefited from Gani's leadership, using the instrument of the law to fight evil leaders … In the NLC, we were so efficiently capable of causing trouble but too poor to serve legitimate titans like Gani and Falana, but who would always come and defend us pro bono, so we had the feeling that we should gather and celebrate him on the eve of his investiture. "

In In another development, Oshiomhole has received more support from Tinubu, as well as governors elected on the party's platform. Shortly before journalists he spoke with other journalists about the solidarity visit to the Oshiomhole Campaign Office on Aso Drive, Asokoro in Abuja. Tinubu said, "My presence here symbolizes solidarity and unity to continue to build a progressive party that will continue to lead Nigeria in a progressive manner, encouraging good governance with courage and dedication."

"There is no doubt that I supported his candidacy , I worked with him, should I have any doubts?

Whether he believes he can do well with Oshiomole, Tinubu said, "Yes, I can work with him, I have no doubt about that.

On Demand If the support that Oshiomole received from key party leaders would not discourage other participants and make the conventions look more like a stamp, Tinubu said democracy is all about winning.

In politics one tries to win. Have you seen someone who wants to lose? It's about victory, it's the election and we have to accept that, "he said.

Tinubu was also asked to respond to the results of recent APC congresses, particularly in the context of the parallel congress in Lagos State, but he rejected Foud Oki's parallel government and described it as a non-issue.

"Anyone can open a bank branch anywhere, but it depends on whether his debit card works," he said.

Kebbi The Governor The state's Alhaji Atiku Bagudu, speaking on the governors' mission to the election office, said they are all lining up behind the former Edo governor to be the next national chairman.

"I think we're all in support from Oshiomhole. All our colleagues are satisfied with this development. Our party is looking forward to the chairmanship of Oshiomhole.

"He has made experiences in various aspects of national life and we are all convinced that the party is a structure that is necessary for the continuous development and maintenance of democracy and its collective experience in the recent past as Governor of Edo State, one of the most successful leaders of the trade union movement and a democratic activist all his life, these qualities will be brought to bear in realizing the ideals of the APC, "he said.

The governor believed that Oshiomhole will be a leader who will be the embodiment of the spirit of the party and says the experiences will help him The party central to the government

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