The Imo state government has said that the elite who criticized the governor of Imo leader Rochas Okorocha has committed no crime and that Imo people are very active because they do not give room to those who rule them best in them.

Okorocha made this in a statement on Wednesday while he mocked the former governor of the state, chief Ikedi Godson Ohakim


Okorocha said: "Since the former governor of the state, Chief Ikedi Godson Ohakim announced his intention to challenge the governorship election again in the state, he has developed the disgusting impression that the only way to achieve this great dream is to repeatedly attack Governor Rochas Okorocha in the media, and he did it

"But we have decided not to respond to all his attacks, and we have lived up to this decision. We also have reasons to take this stance.

"Of all those who have ruled both military and civilian since their founding in 1976, his government appears to be the most hated and devalued, and has no audience, no one listens to him again People do not read what he says, that's how bad it is.

"He does not even talk like someone who ruled the state before. He also does not observe the behavior of Chief Achike Udenwa, also a former governor. A former governor should know when to talk and when to stay silent. He criticized everything that the occupant of the previously occupied seat had done, smacking with frustration and envy.

When the government began redesigning the Children's Park Bridge to link it to Heroes' Square to avoid the traffic jam along the Concord Hotel Road, if there is a great function in place, Chief Ohakim picked out unfounded information social media and said the bridge had collapsed, which was wrong.

& # 39; When the heavy rain came on Friday, June 8, 2018, A devastating cyclone destroyed both private and public buildings in Owerri, including the roof of a building in one of the government-built municipal schools, Chief Ohakim made a problem. When there were more serious reports from other states, the rains also caused devastation.

"Other people may descend so low to talk about such small problems, but no former governor of the state should know better." Chief Ohakim had ruled the state and taken Governor Okorocha to questions of governance or accomplishments Okorocha said he has more than a thousand verifiable projects in different parts of the state, let him pick up on such issues and not talk about the wind-blown roof.

"The elite that criticizes Rochas in the state has no Imo people are very active, they do not give room to those who govern them, to bring out the best in them, they did it to Ndubuisi Kanu, and the views of Sam Mbakwe and Imo about them today and if they had any influence , are not the same.

"Only in the case of Chief Ohakim, nearly eight years after he became Governor Imo People have refused or failed to do anything Gu to say all about him despite all the efforts he has made to change the tide. Not even the strange newspaper called IMO REFORMER, which is linked to its name, which writes about Okorocha from the first page to the last page, has somehow helped.

At the moment, the state is all about who follows Rochas. The elite wants to install someone. You are entitled to such ambitions. Rochas is also interested in who manages to keep flying the flag of rapid development. At the end of the day, Imos will make the final decision by the ballot box. It's not a propaganda thing.

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