AT Player is a free app that makes your mobile music experience even more enjoyable. Depending on your habits, there are two related functions. If you have a local music library, it's a top-notch player with extensive support for playlists, equalizer, lyric search, and more. If you want to stream music for free, this is a simple and intelligent portal for the huge collection of YouTube.

You can always visit YouTube for free. So why AT Player? There are a few reasons starting with the fact that if you have a local music library, it can easily coexist with the streaming functionality. In fact, AT Player will recommend songs from YouTube based on your local library to expand your collection.

AT Player is also a free way to get a simple interface to playlists to genres, moods and your own imported from YouTube. If you hear a song near you, it will also include a recognition service (not otherwise offered by Google) within the app that automatically finds the song on YouTube. As well as finding the song, it also finds similar ones – you can even do that with any song you hear about AT Player.

By default, you switch to a new app while listening to YouTube streams. The player becomes Minimized to a small floating player so your song will not be interrupted. Because YouTube requires streams to always play along with audio video, AT Player has a special lock screen that allows you to continue playing music while you're not using the phone.

This avoids accidental touches, and since the size of the video can be very small, OLED devices in particular can save power by displaying a mostly black screen.

Unlike using the lock screen, you can also choose between light and dark modes:

For music-specific adaptations AT Player also offers an equalizer.

You can use the equalizer or not. If you use it, it comes with multiple genre-specific presets. Of course you can also adjust it according to your wishes.

There are a number of functions that can not be discussed in detail here. These include:

  • Automatic backups of playlists
  • Scrobbling to
  • Poetry retrieval
  • Bookmarks (useful for saving tracks in audiobooks and podcasts)
  • Sleep timer
  • Music alarm
  • 19659016 ] You could ask, is that legal? Does YouTube allow another app to do this? The answer is that the app complies with the YouTube rules. This entails some limitations, such as the inability to play audio without video, and no offline caching / downloading of videos, for which you get a completely free app that is not turned off due to violation of the Terms of Use.

    AT Player is now totally free after some features have been offered for a fee. It's ad-supported by showing one ad per session and showing less intrusive ads as you scroll through the playlists. To get AT Player or learn more, just go to the Play Store .

      Free Music Player: Endless Free Songs Download Now
      Free Music Player: Endless Free Songs Download Now
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