Glam-rock style is distinguished by brightness of images, using in them simultaneously brutal skin and shiny metal, as well as traditional gemstones (more precisely, their imitation). Such a necklace can be easily made by yourself!

For a necklace shown in the photo, you will need: piece of silver chain, lock for jewelry, wire or line, artificial pearls, glue, strip of natural or artificial leather (not less than 15-20 cm in length), large pendant with rhinestones or patterns.

Work process:

1. Assemble the base of the necklace. To do this, string the desired number of beads on a fishing line or a piece of wire. Cut the chain in half and join its halves to the pearl thread. To the ends of the chain attach the clasp for jewelry.

Pay attention! The size of the pearl thread and the total length of the necklace depend only on the number of beads that you have, and on your desire. Before continuing to make necklaces, try on the base to see how long the necklace is for you. If necessary, remove several chain links or add beads.

2. On a piece of skin, lay the folds, as shown in the photo. To fix them, inside each fold you need to drop the glue and fix the place of gluing with a paper clip

3. After the glue dries, place the skin under the central part of the necklace and fix the edges of the leather shuttle with a few inconspicuous stitches (attach the edge of the skin to the line on which the beads are strung).

4. In the center of the necklace, secure the pendant.

The necklace is ready. Such an ornament will make bright and extraordinary even an outfit consisting of a plain white blouse and a straight black skirt.

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