We are pleased to invite Steve Case and JD Vance to a fireside chat in September Disrupt SF . There's also a lot to talk about, including the couple's recent project: a massive $ 150 million seed fund, backed by an impressive group of investors looking for startups outside of Silicon Valley.

As The New York Times Following the announcement of the Fund, the full list of investors in the Rise of the Rest fund represents "the largest concentration of US assets and assets in a mutual fund." These include Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, John Doerr, Jim Breyer, Dan Gilbert, and members of the Walton, Koch, and Pritzker families

This fund is at the heart of what Case and Vance defend at Revolution , The in Washington, D.C. resident venture capital firm mainly supports companies outside of the large technology centers. At Disrupt New York in May Case told the audience that many regions are simply overlooked because investors can not "get in their cars and drive to these companies" and he wants to convince other VCs to look outside Your Comfort Zones

In August 2017, Steve Case, the founder of AOL and Revolution, clicked JD Vance to lead Revolution as Managing Partner.

"I do not know if I'll ever be satisfied with that he's the spokesman for the media spokesman," Vance vs. TechCrunch at the time . "But I think you can talk about the problems and try to raise awareness, or you can do something about the problems – my goal is to try both, there's a possibility that I got here with the platform who has done the book. "

Vance seems to be the same spirit as Case. In his book Hillbilly Elegy, which is a must, incidentally, he sets out to educate the working class of the Appalachia and explains the importance of overcoming obstacles – and startups outside the valley must overcome other obstacles than those in San Francisco. As a managing partner of Revolution, we hear that he has a strong focus that resonates with the founders. Vance served in the Gulf War, graduated from The Ohio State and Yale and went on to serve as a legal trainee and principle at Peter Thiel's VC firm Mithril Capital Management LLC.

Steve Case spoke at Disrupt NY last year about his current passion for lighting start-ups outside of traditional technology centers.

"It's worth remembering that Detroit was like Silicon Valley 75 years ago," said Case at Disrupt NY in 2017. At the time, it was the country's hottest innovation city because the car was the hot new one at that time Technology. Silicon Valley was like orchards. These things are changing. But they have lost their way. Detroit lost 60 percent of its population in the last 50 years and they went bankrupt because they lost their entrepreneur Mojo.

Cases Fireside Chat was mesmerizing and we are thrilled to have it back with Revolution's managing partner, JD Vance, while Disrupt SF is taking place in the heart of Silicon Valley, with many founders, developers, and investors constantly following Looking for opportunities in new regions – just like Steve Case and JD Vance.

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