Another selection for the weekend. I hope that something will hook and come in handy!
There will be 15 photos + sensitive text from myself.

Security / Safe

1. Genre – drama, detective
2. Description – The plot narrates about the surgeon Tome, the father of two teenage daughters, who can not recover from the death of his wife from cancer. When his eldest daughter disappears, Tom finds out that the people around him have a lot of secrets.
3. 1 season
4. A series from the category of one missing / murder = a bunch of skeletons in the cabinets, unexpected twists of the plot, at the end of each series there will necessarily be faces frowning away into the distance. Quite a vivid picture, the general severity of what is happening (the only thing that knocked down the mood is the Mexican family, with elements of black humor connected to it, which seriously spoiled the seriousness, although it was funny), a good detective component. Well, "Dexter", finally, appeared in a dramatic role.
5. Rating 7.5

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