Reality TV star of BBNaija, Gifty Powers has finally pushed back after a long wait of about 8 months at the Nollywood actress Lilian Afegbai. Around September of last year, Lilian Gifty slammed nude pictures she always posted on social media. In her opinion, this was a battle for relevance that will only land their cheap endorsement deals.

She wrote:

Do not judge, just read between the lines and get the message … I understand desperate times require desperate measures. It feels like fame is leaving you and you have to do everything to stay on the news. I was almost lost too, until I grew up and had to reassess myself. I asked myself a question. What do you really want? Temporary fame or permanence? Do you want to be controversial and have temporary fame? Or do you want to stay relevant in the long term? Do you want to have 700,000 fake followers, or do you want 300 loyal followers? I have chosen 300 faithful followers.
Do you want moi moi support or do you want fried rice, chicken and salad support? I picked fried rice. At some point I want to let go and naked and tinker all day, but then I can do that in my bathroom and still smile.

Do you want to be with us every day or do you want to be on Linda Ikeji or Bellanija? Once a month: Whatever I want to say is that you never forget your values ​​and do not always follow the trend.

It's not easy, because I'm still learning how this butt named Life, Fame, Popularity is not working yet But guess what clothes you wear …. Lilian, take note. Heaven is enough for all the stars I really want to know your thoughts

Anyway, just yesterday, Lilian Afegbai posted some pictures that show their lovely shape and accompany the pictures with a message that seemed to be there Shading Tonto Dikeh, who had cosmetic surgery last year.

She wrote:

Why did I think about surgery after ? Self-love is the best love, love my body and small breasts. I pray nothing brings me under the knife.
Not the new trend, not a man, not a peer pressure, not even society.

Sensing Lilian Afegbai was hypocritical in offering sultry pictures even after she had criticized her. Last year, when she did the same, Gifty Powers decided to let her have a piece of her mind. She cursed Lilian, claiming that the reason she does not want to undergo plastic surgery is that she can not afford it.

Gifty Powers wrote:

Some people should simply be useless forever. You condemn a picture I posted on IG, which did not bother me, because MADDNESS NO GET SIZE. Well, you posted a picture and said that you can never do a body surgery, my dear Jst Kukuma says you can not afford the fee

… and that you are only leading your life. And what do you expect from someone who is in the club during the BBN final party asking for champagne, hehe … She's Lok. /

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