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But the Ace of Base buyer does not care about one thing because he or she is simply after something: the deal. Cop cars are by nature sparsely-equipped versions of civilian units.

Usually dressed in Oxford White, some low-mile Taurus interceptors have not even polluted their interiors by the body fluids of America's Most Wanted. Good News (Shadow of James May) – It is not a complete and barren wasteland within the interceptor. A single USB port is located in the cabin, while a reversing camera built into the rear-view mirrors helps keep drivers away from farmers. Get one now, before Ford leaves the sedan game.

There are many Crown Vic Interceptors to go around too (our own Murilee enjoyed such an example in his California days). Many are under ten and three of them south. Included in delivery is an A-pillar emitter perfect for dazzling random wins, as well as an honest pillar pusher as nature and Henry Ford envisioned. Interceptors tinted a naty hue of blue or brown allowing drivers to treat filthy undercover detective fantasies. Caveat emptor: These are the types of used police vehicles that are most likely to suffer from the harsh UV inspection. Wear gloves.

Dodge Chargers is available in the second-hand market, which for some reason is submerged by police fleets. Like its bull cohort, it's also less likely that troublemakers used it as a toilet than a Crown Vic. AutoTrader is showing an AWD V8 example for 2016 for only $ 22,488, including the massive mid-stack cop jumbotron (now we know the testing areas for Ram's new 12-inch unit) and, hey, that's one Column ] shifter? Why, yes, it is.

Do not count the Explorer, a model that gives highway drivers more and more appeal across the country. More likely than most used as a K9 unit (not unlike the Tahoe), look for dog gifts in the cargo area. A 2017 unit with dog bowl hubcaps and virtually no miles on the clock is touted in the great state of Pennsylvania for a hair over 30 grand. It is, of course, four-wheel drive.

Speaking of Tahoe, a good portion of the PPV units advertised in America are two-wheel drive units, except for the scattered 4 × 4 in northern climes. Most of them are equipped with huge bull bars, perfect for occasions where you just have to come to a gangster party. One thing is for sure: filling the mirror of a left lane with a Tahoe PPV grill with a bull bar will hurry you out of the way. That alone is worth the $ 20 entry fee for the mid-20s.

Ace of Base contender then? By this measure of the author, definitely the Tahoe (because Tahoe) and the charger (that jumbo screen and column shifter). I'm not so sure about the others. I leave the B & B to discuss their merits in the comments.

[Image: eBay ]

Not every basic model has mastered it. The ones who have? They help to make the automotive landscape much better. To all the others who come to mind, B & B? Let us know in the comments. Of course, do not hesitate to gut our selection.

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