The neurotic is very much comfortable person. Not an example to psychologically well-off people.

It's easy to agree with the neurotic : he avoids open confrontation and expresses his opinion, even if he does not agree with something. After all, it turns out that he does not respect your opinion, and therefore does not respect you, and this is fraught with a scandal.

The neurotic is very compliant and accommodating : it is easy to persuade him to do something, even if he does not really want to. After all, he is afraid to refuse – suddenly someone will not like it?

The neurotic is easy to manipulate and control he is submissive and trustful. You told him it was for his own good? Or that he can not refuse such a punch like you? He believes you. And to the last does not want to doubt your pure and sincere intentions – suddenly his doubts destroy such an excellent relationship?

The neurotic is very affectionate . He, having forgotten about his affairs, will break off from an important meeting so that you can sob from his shoulder or just go with him to a cafe, because you are bored. He is looking forward to hearing from you, a letter, in which you will tell him how best to please you. He loves you so much! And, forgetting about himself, he tries to please other people.

It's very convenient on the neurotic to disrupt anger or anger, because he will not be offended by such a punch like you, especially since you are not on purpose. He will tolerate and understand that this is necessary for your peace of mind, even if it is a little "unpleasant" for it is trifles.

A psychologically healthy, prosperous person behaves in the opposite way.

If he does not like what is you say, he will not agree with you just to please you. He will say that he has a different opinion, with all due respect to yours.

If he does not want to do something or go somewhere, he will weigh up the arguments "for" and "against" several times, or even will simply refuse immediately without explaining the reasons.

A psychologically prosperous person will not tolerate [yourhystericsandanticswhose goal is to vytssiganit a handful of attention and get some secondary benefit (even if you're a punch ); and will not always be ready to throw an important matter on demand if it is "for your sake."

A psychologically healthy person understands that despite mutual sympathy, people have different emotions for each other, he admits and does not perceives it as a catastrophe, but only as an excuse to talk or let each other cool down.

He will not continue those relationships that have ceased to bring him satisfaction: he loved you and maybe still loves you, but he loves himself too.

Thus, in comparison with the position a neurotic, a psychologically prosperous person can look sharp, individualistic and intractable . Abraham Maslow also noted that self-actualizing individuals, who are the most psychologically mature people, are by no means pleasant in communication, as one could expect from them. Maturity and psychological health oblige the person to correspond first of all to himself, and this inevitably leads to confrontation with others.

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