Do you remember when you did not have to worry about bills or work 9-5? and your only concern was when there was light at home to see your favorite cartoons? The good times!

Over the past week, we asked people to tell stories about growing up: favorite childhood memories, what they miss most about childhood, and when they realized adulthood was a bit different from their childhood fantasies.

When did you realize that an adult was a serious business? Was it before or after the university?

Tetmosol Nigeria gives you a chance to be a child again on Children's Day with the #BeAChildAgain Contest .

To enter the contest,

  • Share a picture of yourself and your child on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • Tag Tetmosol, with the hashtag #BeAChildAgain and #TetmosolBabySoft.

You immediately have the chance to win a nice day with your child.

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