To grow a good crop of cabbage, and at the stage of active growth of vegetables to protect them from various diseases, you need to familiarize yourself with the agrotechnical aspects of the species before planting. So, cabbage grows well on "sun beds" with a neutral soil (or slightly acidic), loves water, constantly needs a lot of nutrients (especially nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus), it does not tolerate drafts. When planting a crop, this should be taken into account, therefore, the first thing to do is to select the garden properly, and if necessary, apply fertilizers to it.

After the bed is ready, you can proceed directly to planting the vegetable. If seeds are planted in the soil, the depth of their embedding in the soil should not exceed 2 centimeters. If already planted seedlings are planted, then in this case it is required to dig holes 10-15 centimeters (you need to focus on the length of the root system), then put the seedlings in them to the bottom leaves, sprinkle with earth and apply force around the plantations with effort.

Now as far as keeping the distance between cabbages. Since this culture is very spreader (it is a question of white cabbage), the minimum distance between plants should be 30 centimeters, between rows – 40 centimeters. However, it should be noted that there are varieties of cabbage (for example, Moscow's late, Gift), which for normal development requires an even larger area, so they need to be planted in 40 centimeters from each other with an exposure of 60-70 centimeters. Proceeding from the above, we can conclude that on one square meter of the bed can plant from three to six seedlings of cabbage.

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