In recent years, the hardware upgrades that VR headsets have received have become quite stale; There might be a resolution or the addition of eye-tracking or new controllers, but most advances seem to be on the software side. Facebook is focusing on some of the more fundamental display issues in their latest internal VR headset prototype, which they showed on Day 2 of F8.

Oculus "Half Dome" will focus on showing users more of their environment Once inside the headset, while making some advanced changes that allow them to move the focus between objects.

The prototype will bring the field of view from 100 degrees to 140 degrees, allowing users to see more of the visual world in their periphery. Even more impressive is that Facebook has achieved this without creating an even bulkier design – the prototype retains the size of the existing Rift headset thanks to its "continued advances in lenses". It Seems That There Are Some Fundamental Display Issues The company wants to deal with that before moving focus to the smaller size of the headset.

In terms of depth of field, existing headsets do not provide the user with multiple focal lengths. This means that if someone gives you something to read or another object that you need to see clearly, keep the focus about two meters away from the user. This was one of the main problems Magic Leap had solved with their display technology, although it is unclear what their research actually does in the final product.

Oculus says they were able to achieve a variable focus One of their latest prototypes, where the screens inside the headset were physically moved to pick up the different depths of the field. It works much like the autofocus feature in cameras, but it does not cause any noise or vibration to users, says the company.

Oculus has made much headway towards such displays on the research side, but this shows how close to the real thing they are with a headset that integrates the technology without increasing most of the current Oculus hardware. While Oculus has paid much public attention to standalone headset prototypes, "Half Dome" is showing some big changes that move the dial to the high-end VR headset displays.

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