In July 2017 RED announced Hydrogen One its state-of-the-art Android smartphone. Pre-orders were raised, with the delivery of the device for Q1, 2018 was planned. Last January, RED announced that they would shoot for a summer of the 2018 launch.

It's May, which means we have to approach the start, right? In my report from last year, I said explicitly, "I would not be surprised if RED got involved in unforeseen issues on the line, and there could even be delays."

Unfortunately, anyone who pre-ordered this phone was right ,

In mid-April, it was not widely used, but RED announced that so far there has not been much spread in the field of Android news delayed the launch of Hydrogen One, at least until August. We mention at least because RED says: "The final date will be determined and announced by the vehicles as soon as they make the call."

RED goes into the cause of the delay in great detail, and from the buyer's point of view, there is a solid explanation that should benefit buyers in the long run.

When we announced, you needed a module to shoot 4V with the HYDROGEN ONE. The module should have multiple cameras for real-time 4V and would sell for about $ 750- $ 1000.

A few months ago we added 3D cameras to HYDROGEN front and back so you could shoot 3D and convert to 4V without modules. Processing up to 4V requires the cloud, your computer or has been done very slowly on your phone. Much better than a module, but still not ideal.

Well, with a lot of hardware and software work (which has created a good amount of delay) … you shoot 4V real time on both sides' phones. They monitor your cameras in 4V. You can chat in 4V real time. You can book 4V immediately. If you shoot, you will also get a 2D companion file in your gallery. Of course, you can still only select and record 2D.

According to RED, development required extra time for all of this, including supply chain adjustments. In short, while the launch takes a little longer than originally expected, it should pay off for the buyers. When it comes to putting a new product on the market, I think it really matters that the planned timetables are not being met. Plus, if we're technical, August is still summer, so RED is fine.

As for the carriers and their certification process, RED loses me a bit. RED is not as detailed on this aspect, but here's what they say.

carrier certification. That's a big one, too. This takes longer than previously thought. In addition, we are preparing to launch with multiple carriers, and it has proven quite difficult to organize a simultaneous launch.

Last January, RED's expected carrier support was described as "unprecedented". Well, how to do it. "With such words, we expect full support from all the LTE tapes that may be needed, and RED specifically mentions that they want to start with multiple carriers at the same time, meaning that they intend to work with the carriers to connect the device directly To sell consumers, or at the same time, they intend to offer a single unlocked phone, with support for all carriers through a single distribution channel, like their website? RED's terminology is a bit confusing, so your estimate is as good as ours Even larger phone manufacturers such as HTC find it hard to get US carriers to sell their devices, so it's very hard to imagine Verizon or AT & T feeding RED or even RED's online business.

Especially for one Phone that probably does not push too many units compared to a Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone I mean, the cheapest option is listed at $ 1300 which is far beyond what most people would consider dropping on a phone.

Do we have someone here who patiently waits for his hydrogen? Do you agree with a delay, as long as you get a better product in the end?

// RED

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