Theresa May Appeals to President Buhari to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

British Prime Minister, Theresa May has appealed to President Buhari and other Commonwealth leaders legalize same-sex marriage in their countries. May made the appeal while speaking at the first joint forum at the current Commonwealth Head of Government Meetings in Westminster today on April 17.

May called on President Buhari and other Commonwealth nations leaders to revoke any law that discriminated against same-sex relationships. She regretted that some of the laws actually came from the UK.

"Throughout the world, discriminatory laws that were made many years ago continue to affect the lives of many millions of young people – criminalizing same-sex relationships and the failure of women and girls – I am all too aware that these laws are from my own country They were wrong and they are wrong now As Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, I deeply regret that these laws were introduced … as a family we must respect each other's cultures and traditions, but we must do so in accordance with the Doing equality as it is clearly stated in the Commonwealth Charter. "She said

In January 2007, President Buhari signed the Bill Criminalizing all forms of sex same ties in Nigeria. A prison sentence of 14 years was imposed on anyone guilty of same-sex relationships.


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