The management of the mobile unit LG against the backdrop of multi-million losses decided to move away from the marketing trends of the smartphone market and focus exclusively on the technical component of branded products. Not by quantity, but by the quality of the products LG Mobile intends to return the love of users and again declare itself as a leading, not lagging manufacturer of mobile gadgets.

Nevertheless, the fate of the next flagship smartphone (and the entire flagship G-series) is still uncertain. As for the novelties in the “V” family, the sources close to the internal affairs of the South Korean company have slightly clarified the situation. In the next few months, LG should announce the V35 ThinQ smartphone – without exaggeration an interesting device that, unlike most top-end devices of 2018, will not get a cut-out on the display.

The LG V30 + smartphone will become the base platform for the V35 ThinQ

Compared to the V30S ThinQ, the expected V35 ThinQ debut will be marked with a number of improvements in hardware and additional software “chips” based on self-learning algorithms based on the artificial intelligence. According to insider information, the smartphone LG V35 ThinQ will be equipped with OLED display FullVision with a diagonal of 6 inches and a resolution of QHD +. In place of a dual rear camera of 16-Mp and 13-Mp modules, which could boast a predecessor, will come the camera from sensors of 16 Mp. The aperture value of the V35 ThinQ head unit is f / 1.6. Auxiliary 16-Mp sensor with a wide-angle lens will provide an additional view within 107 °.

Reliable information about the processor and the amount of RAM told about the technical details of LG V35 ThinQ, the source, unfortunately, did not provide. However, we can safely say about the use of the Snapdragon 845 chip and 6/8 GB of RAM in the LG V35 ThinQ. In addition, with a high degree of probability the device will be delivered with the Saber 9228 DAC on board. This gadget promises to bring voice interaction with the smartphone to a new level thanks to innovative voice recognition technology.

It is worth noting that in some countries LG offers to become the owner of the V35 smartphone (without the registration of “ThinQ”), which has nothing to do with the upcoming novelty and is simply a regional version of the V30.


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