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Indigenous of Etab Ayip in Kasuk II. The Qua clan, Calabar community, has called its ancestral god Mbiam to work on the proposed $ 1 billion project Calabar Virgin City for alleged interference to discontinue the community by the Cross River State Government.

Niger-Delta Voice learned that the Calabar Virgin City project near Rice City and Ayade Industrial Boulevard will have a building supplies market, auto parts market, wood market, water world fair, artificial lake and hospital after completion.

Other facilities include a golf course, clothing market, hotel, supermarket, residential area, dance floor, kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools.

Etap Ayip Kasuk II Community, the landlord community that owns extensive tracts of virgin land along the MCC / Idundu Road and Jonathan By-Pass in the Calabar community, has reportedly seized the state government from access to much of the country The Ayade acquired administration for the Calabar Virgin City project.

Several Indigenous people of the area, mobilized by chiefs of the villages and traditional institutions, seized the land, drew palm fronds around the area and prevented anyone from entering the land.

Speaking to NDV, the clan chief of Kasuk II Qua Clan, HRH Ededem Ayito said that they have no issues with the Ayadeed Administration as far as the Virgin City Project is concerned, but urged the government to do the right thing properly ,

He claimed: "We as a people can tell you categorically that we do not know what the government is doing on our land as far as the Virgin City project is concerned, we have not been consulted by either the government or the government [19659009] "In all honesty and fairness, when the government came to inform us about the project last year, they did not give us all the details about the size and size of the land they needed, nor did they tell us about it Nature of the project, but as a community that has respect for the constituted authority, we allowed the landmark ceremony to be held in December, after which we thought they would come back and do the necessary.

"But we were surprised when we saw the equipment being brought into the village and the excavations started without proper advice, since we have been waiting for them since last year and they have not come, If we have resorted to our culture and tradition, we invoke a traditional order, Mbiam, on the piece of land and it will remain there until the right thing is done.

"We are not against development; unlike rumors and speculation that are making the rounds that we are mobilizing to stop the government, they are not true. The only thing we ask is that a proper process be followed. If the facilitator is a private company, they should come out clear and let us know if the government wants to acquire the country because of the overriding public interest, and they should also tell us what they want to use it for before they bring in equipment. 19659016] "We, the people of Kasuk Qua Clan II, are responsible and law-abiding citizens and will never take any laws into our hands.The traditional arrangement (Mbiam / Ekpe) we have placed is our own way, our position in this We are in no way opposed to the government of Prof. Ben Ayade, but we want them to act properly and do the right thing. "

For his part, the Commissioner for Countries, Elder John Inyang said The move taken by the Community was not in the best interest of all concerned, adding that the government will continue to negotiate with the Community to prevent a collapse of law and order.

It should be remembered that Governor Ayade had promised at the groundbreaking ceremony on December 29, 2017, that he would take the people of Etab Ayip with him.

His words: "We will ensure that the community is part of the core function of the institution of this investment, with emphasis on the host community for recruitment of workers and small contracts.

" The host community should So play a role. I assure you that we do not want to build real estate that the church itself can not live by, they should be taken all the way.


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