When Are Cameras Necessary on Commercial Trucks?

Companies that own fleets of commercial trucks can reap great benefits from installing cameras on their trucks. The camera systems are nowadays quite affordable, small in size, and easy to install and use making it a worthy investment for fleet owners and managers. Cameras should become more of the norm than an exception. The service providers that install them have perfected their work, and most offer a free demo to their clients so that they can be in a position to utilize them properly and get the most out of them.

When is it necessary to use cameras for commercial vehicles? Read on to learn more about the circumstances that would make it necessary to have cameras on commercial trucks:

Documentation of evidence in the case of an accident

One of the most obvious reasons for using cameras on commercial trucks is to get all available evidence of what transpired during an accident. It is usually hard to relive traumatic memories, which can make it difficult to get all the necessary information about the factors that led to an accident. In addition, all parties in an accident try to appear faultless. Cameras installed on commercial trucks can be connected to telematics systems which keep well-defined pictures and relevant data of events you would wish to have recorded. As a result, you can access footages of accidents shortly after they occur.

When you need to check your driver’s behavior

Telematics systems can give you information about your drivers’ reckless driving behavior like sudden braking and overspeeding, however, but the information may be insufficient. Cameras installed on commercial trucks can explain better your driver’s reasons for such behavior. For example, a driver may have braked suddenly to avoid a collision, or speeded up to get around a careless driver.

To promote safe driving and minimize wastage

Your fleet drivers may have been well-trained and have been offered incentives to promote safe driving, but some drivers may still at times display poor driving behavior. This behavior may only be displayed once in a while. However, it may still cause accidents, costing the company in terms of fuel, lost labor hours, and other expenses. The knowledge that drivers are monitored all the time may make them more responsible and avoid reckless activities. Ultimately, this promotes safe driving while cutting on the waste of resources.

To put a case against fraudulent claims

There are people with ill motives that target commercial trucks, fully aware that such vehicles are insured. Such criminals may brake instantly in front of commercial trucks or do other things that will lead to a collision to claim from the commercial trucks’ companies or insurers. These well-choreographed incidents may also recruit witnesses and may be hard to fight off. However, when cameras are installed on commercial trucks, these can be tackled using the indisputable evidence from the footage.

For decision-making from the same view as the driver

At times, the driver may face a hard decision that needs to be made, but in the absence of a guide or input from the fleet management he may be at a dilemma. Cameras live-streaming the surroundings can help the manager advise the driver from the same viewpoint as the driver. A good example is when the driver thinks that the weather is getting unfriendly for driving, or maybe when the route is closed and should be changed instantly.


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