A South African woman identified as Umm Eesah told how she deposed her fiancé.

According to her, she rejected him for always insisting on paying for everything when going on excursions.

While Many Women Pray For a man like her fiancé, Umm Eesah sees that he somehow exercises control over her, a thing she does not like.

She wrote:

"I was engaged to a man who would never go I pay for everything." How furious was AF when I bought things, I went because it was a dream for some Sounds, but it's a nightmare to be in frenzy It's not generosity It's the control

I knew that one day he would say I did not own anything, I owe that to him could not be comfortable in our house because he was using this man's belongings I was not here for this life.

He began to imply that I was working too hard, I should stop and take care of his books. He laughed, "I do not need a salary if there's' our money." No, brave, never could be me.

He bought me a new phone and a SIM card. It would be best if we were on the same network for a few minutes, he said, I saw that he simply did not want others to have my number, and that he also had access to my detailed bill.

Then he would point out that we should go to Mac. He knows a lady who can sort me out. He wants me to wear make-up all the time. You know, the business was growing and we had to act in a certain way. I'm a jeans and a little bit girl. He met me as such.

Every time I said no, he would buy me things. I do not want to grow my hair, he got expensive irons. I do not like heels, he showed up with an Aldo box. , , It never stopped

For some reason, this man thought that by placing a ring on my finger he could now shape me into some form of his own design. I have looked through everything. I'm really thankful that I did it or who knows what my life would be like today.

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