Corvette Z06 Ron Fellows Edition

It's hard to believe that 11 years have passed since the 2007 launch of the 2007 Ron Fellows Edition Corvette Z06. The car remains one of our favorite Special Edition Corvettes and serves as a tribute to one of our favorite Corvette Racing riders of all time.

We almost never see them for sale, so if they're on sale at eBay like this Ron Fellows Edition it's definitely worth pointing out why this C6 is worth a great collector's item have.

Fellows was an important member of the Corvette Racing team from the start. He helped test the C5-R and won the team's first win in 2000. He won in 2002, 2003 and 2004 the ALMS GTS Drivers Championships also contributed to all six of the Chevrolet ALMS GT1 Manufacturers Championships. Fellows was also voted the favorite ALMS driver by fans for three years (2004-2006).

To honor the Canadian racer as he stepped down from a full-time driver, in 2007 Chevrolet unveiled the Ron Fellows ALMS GT1 Championship Corvette Z06 on February 1, 2007 at the Chicago Auto Show. With only 399 copies created, they were quickly bought by collectors and Corvette Racing fans, who tend to buy any Corvette related to the racing team.

The 2007 Ron F. Fellows ALMS GT1 Championship Corvette Z06 was the first signature that was offered with Ron's signature and the hull number found on the lid inside the center console has been. This example, which is being offered for sale by Streetside Classics by Forth Worth, Texas, is number 174.

In addition to the Ron Fellows' signature, these cars were particularly in favor of being the first Z06 model since 2001 that was painted white. These Arctic white Z06 Tributes introduced matching white headlamp scoops, chrome Z06 wheels and, of course, Monterey red hashish markers featuring a motif of the Canadian Maple Leaf along with the years of Ron's ALMS Championships.

  Corvette on eBay: 2007 Corvette Z06 Ron Fellows Edition

Inside the cars with a red trimmed console, door panels and seats. A "tech-patterned" interior panel surrounded the center IP and each car also had a Corvette's windscreen.

This Z06, which is offered for sale, is in storage configuration and has only 43,000 miles on the odometer. Offered for a retail price of $ 39,995 or Best Offer, documentation includes the original window sticker, user manual and dealer invoice. The certificate of authenticity of the Ron Fellows Edition, which went to the original owner, is also included.

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