John Trump's new adviser on national security John Bolton did not take office yet, noted a remarkable statement so to say anticipating his future activity in high office.

Concerning the DPRK Bolton proposed to the north Koreans benefit from the experience of Libya, which abandoned nuclear weapons after negotiations with the "international community."

This is in all respects an excellent proposal, especially given what happened to Libya afterwards. From the country that planned the introduction of a new world reserve currency, the irrigation of the Sahara and the development of nuclear weapons, there were ruins with a bunch of bands, slave markets and refugee crowds.

It would seem that the experience of Libya is the best argument not only to not abandon the development of nuclear weapons bombs and ICBMs, but also to strengthen their development and production, but the Washington King of the mirror mirrors the Libyan example is considered a "negotiable option" for the DPRK.

There is an opinion that the Americans do not ride with the Libyan experience on the Korean peninsula , simply because the North Koreans as smart people learn from other people's mistakes. Practice has shown that only the threat of retaliation and unacceptable losses seriously keeps the US from the next military aggression.
In general, Bolton holds the mark. Even in the time of Bush Jr., he was considered too overused, but in our turbulent times for such characters came real expanse.



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