Google has been talking about its Google Assistant Routines feature since October of last year but it has been pretty quiet in terms of how exactly users interact with them and how much they can or can. t be adjusted. Thanks to a support page recently released by Google, we now have a full overview of what routines are available and how they work.

Originally discovered by our friends at Android Police 19659004] the support page shows that users have six routines to choose from, including Good Morning, Bedtime, Go Home, Home, Commute to Work and Commuting home.

Routines allow you to say a command / hot word to cause the assistant to perform a variety of different actions, and without further ado, here's a quick breakdown of what each one will do:

Good Tomorrow

After saying "Hey google, good morning", you can enable the wizard to set all the lights, plugs or thermostats that you have, check the weather, commuters, calendars and reminders of your day and watch out Your media amount. After all this, you can then start the wizard to play music, news, radio, podcasts, audiobooks or nothing at all.

The Good morning routine will also take your phone out of the silent mode when the command is launched on an Android device, and this routine replaces the current "My Day" feature of the wizard.


If you cancel the day, say "Hey Google, Bedtime" to hear about the weather of tomorrow and the first upcoming calendar event, change lights, plugs, thermostats, etc. and change the media volume. You can also mute your phone on an Android device, and after all, you can play music or sleep sounds, if you so desire.

Go home

Before you go out the door You can say "Hey google, I go" to set all the lights, smart plugs, thermostats and more.

I'm home

After a long day in the office, say, "Hey Google, I 'home' to customize lights, plugs and thermostats to send to all Google Homes in your home, depending on location-dependent memories Then you can play music, news, radio, podcasts or audiobooks.

Switch to work (available only on your phone)

While you're on your way to work, say "Hey Google, let's go to work "will get the wizard to tell you about today's ride, weather, calendar and reminders, adjust your smart lights, plugs, thermostats, etc., and change your media volume. Listen to news, radio or podcasts.

Commute at home (only available on your phone)

Finally, you can say "Hey google, let's go home" to find out more You can commute home, customize smart lights, plugs or thermostats, send texts, read unread text, send to your home in Google Homes, and control your amount of media. Then you can play music, news, radio or a podcast.

A few things to note

Personally, I can not wait to play around with Google Assistant routines, but there are a few things to keep an eye on. For starters, it does not seem that routines are actually available to still use for everyone. I expect that functionality will be available soon, but we're still waiting for Google to open the floodgates.

9to5Google managed to bring the good morning routine to an end, and this shows that you can set up multiple commands for routines so you do not have to remember a specific phrase to trigger it.

Now that we have a better idea of ​​what we can do with routines, are we still looking forward to them? Let me know in these comments.

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