Yahoo was ordered by a federal judge to file a lawsuit in the United States alleging that the personal information of all 3 billion users in a series of data breaches has been compromised . [19659005] Representational image Yahoo. Reuters "width =" 380 "height =" 285 "/>

Representational image Yahoo Reuters

In a ruling on March 9, US District Judge Lucy Koh, in San Jose, California, rejected an offer from Verizon Communications Inc , which Yahoo's Internet business had purchased last June to deny many claims, including for negligence and breach of contract.

Koh rejected several other claims, having previously rejected Yahoo's offer to discard some unfair competition claims [19659006Yahoowasaccusedofbeingtooslowtoexposethreedatabreachesof2013and2016thatincreasetheriskofidentitytheftandforcethemtospendmoneyonloansfreezingmonitoringandotherprotectionservices

The violations were revealed after Verizon from New York had agreed to buy Yahoo's Internet business and reduced its purchase price to approximately 4.5M billions of dollars.

A Verizon spokesman had no immediate comment on March 12. An attorney for the plaintiffs did not immediately respond to requests for comments.

The plaintiffs changed their complaint after Yahoo had shown last October that the violation had affected all 3 billion users in 2013, tripling their previous estimate.

Koh said the amended complaint underlined the importance of security in the plaintiff's decision to use Yahoo.

"The plaintiffs' allegations are enough to show that they would behave differently if defendants disclosed the security vulnerabilities of the Yahoo Mail system," Koh

wrote. She also said that the plaintiffs could try to show that the liability restrictions in Yahoo's service conditions are "unconscionable", given the allegations that Yahoo knew his security was deficient, but little.

Yahoo Seeks Dismissal It has been a long time The plaintiffs' target of "relentless criminal attacks" and the "20/20 hindsight" plaintiffs have failed their "infinite" efforts to "constall" The US Attorney's office has accused two Russian intelligence agents and two hackers of one of the Yahoo security breaches last March.

One accused hacker Karim Baratov, a native Canadian in Kazakhstan, pleaded guilty in November for serious identity theft and conspiracy charges. The other defendants remained at large in Russia.



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