The researchers found a dozen or so planets near the solar system that revolve around red dwarfs – small and relatively cold stars.

It is believed that systems from many planets are often found in red dwarfs. This is due to the fact that such luminaries have a very long life span – from tens of billions to tens of trillions. In addition, red dwarfs are the most common stellar objects in the universe.

New exoplanets were discovered during data analysis from the Kepler space telescope, as well as from a number of ground instruments, including the Subaru telescope belonging to the Japanese National Astronomical Observatory, and the Northern Optical Observatory telescope.

The most interesting of the analyzed objects is the star K2-155, which is located at a distance of about 200 light years from us. Three super-earths revolve around this luminary – planets whose mass exceeds the mass of the Earth, but is considerably smaller than the mass of gas giants. One of these planets – K2-155d – is in the “habitat”, that is, theoretically it can contain water in liquid form. And this can create conditions for the development of life.


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